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La French Tech Polynésie drives the international momentum for Tech4Islands, promoting innovation BY and FOR the islands, is a PATHFINDER for the ecological, energy and digital transition, and for the benefit of a sustainable Tech For Good, “good for the islands and therefore good for the planet”.
Discover the 2020 Oceania and Overseas Territories Tech4Islands Awards laureates amazing solutions!

Oceania islands & Overseas Territories break new ground at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with Tech4Islands exhibiting for the first time at CES 2021! Tech4Islands brings together innovative solutions for a more self-sufficient, sustainable, inclusive and resilient island development.

  • To preserve our environment, our biodiversity and our oceans.
  • To reinforce our production autonomy with a wise use of our resources.
  • To foster the development of clean and renewable energy.
  • To prioritize the successful implementation of our island societies’ digital inclusion, while respecting our cultures and traditional knowledge.
  • To reinforce our resilience to climate change.


2020 Oceania Tech4Islands Award Laureate -French Polynesia

A 20 ft medical container bringing modern primary healthcare services to the most isolated communities on the planet.

Designed by a Polynesian startup, this 20 ft medical container brings modern healthcare services to the most isolated communities on the planet.

The project aims to address a vast range of primary-level care needs from chronic disease management to emergency medicine.

The semi-mobile sanitation facility can be deployed as part of a post-hurricane disaster relief operation; as a medical aid station during sports and cultural events, or to strengthen and expand access to medical care and health services in a specific territory.

Its plug-and-play, ready-to-use concept, logistic agility and all-in-one IT infrastructure allows for a more inclusive, equitable and immediate access to state-of-the art healthcare services.

Aedes System

2020 Oceania Tech4Islands Award Laureate -New Caledonia

We created AGLOSTIC®, the innovative filter made of recycled tires that prevents mosquitoes from nesting in gutters, manholes and drains.

With more than 50% of the human population exposed to the West Nile, dengue, zika and chikungunya viruses, the fight against “Aedes” mosquitoes is a worldwide health priority.
In urban areas, gutters, manholes and drains are prime breeding sites for mosquito larvae. The current solutions such as cleaning operations or the use of insecticides have a limited efficiency in the long term.

Destroying the spawning areas created by human activity is the most efficient method. To that effect, we developed and patented AGLOSTIC®, a filter made of recycled tires and a solvent-free binder. AGLOSTIC® allows water to flow but blocks mosquitoes’ nesting and prevents green waste from accumulating.

An entomological analysis entrusted to the Pasteur Institute showed that the solution was 99% effective against the emergence of adult mosquitoes. Other laboratories have also validated the AGLOSTIC®’s hydrological and mechanical characteristics as well as its durability.

AGLOSTIC® combines health and ecology.

SMO Solar Process

2020 Overseas Territories Tech4Islands Award Laureate -Guadeloupe

Our patented and modular Solar-powered BioEnergy with Carbon Capture and Utilization (BECCU) technology turns carbon-based waste into profitable outputs, worldwide, including low infrastructure locations.

Our patented Solar-powered BioEnergy with Carbon Capture and Utilization (BECCU) technology turns carbon-based waste into profitable outputs, worldwide.

SMO® sites are designed as modular units.Numbers are adjusted to accurately meet local demand while using local resources and supporting Circular Economy.

Operating completely autonomously, even in isolated areas, it converts solar energy into powerful microwaves, which are used together with solar thermal energy at each stage of the process. The process is based on 4 main steps: granulation, solar pyrolysis, gasification, and hydrogen purification.

SMO® combines CO2 emission avoidance through Green energies (H2, Syngas-based electricity) and CO2 sequestration from biochar, activated carbon and carbon black. One operating line avoids/captures around 10 Kt of CO2/year, that converts into carbon credits.

With our processing and technological assets, we sell our Green H2 @ $3.5/kg.
SMO® builds Clean, Green, Profit machines through JVs.

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