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Tribu Tech4Islands - Our 4 Tech2020Islands Laureates

In the end, 4 Laureates won the Tech4Islands Awards 2020 international competition, REBOND vision towards the “islands after”. The Dutch company Desolenator wins the Tech4Islands WORLD Grand Prix, the Polynesian startups Med.i.can and New Caledonian Aedes System finish tied for the Tech4Islands OCÉANIE Grand Prix and the Tech4Islands OVERSEAS Grand Prix goes to the Guadeloupean company NUM SMO Technologies.



The Polynesian startup wants to protect populations and allow equal access to healthcare in remote islands.

It has designed a mobile dispensary in the form of a medicalized and autonomous container which allows consultations with patients and the monitoring of their state of health, to apply first aid in an emergency, to be a backup aid. medical with professional equipment available on site and immediately available (in the event of a hurricane episode), to guarantee medical continuity (in the case of reconstruction or renovation of a medical structure), to provide the first aid station medical during sporting and cultural events and to provide medical equipment and a complementary team of professionals (in the case of international interventions).

This 20-foot container is based on a plug-and-play ready-to-use system, the design of which facilitates the logistics and use phases. It contains its own energy, thermal insulation, a water circuit, a pharmacy, a telecommunications system and all the medical devices necessary to take charge of city medicine, but also emergencies.

Its design makes it possible to fulfill a wide range of first-aid health missions while improving patient care and working conditions for caregivers and ensuring the effectiveness of hygiene or decontamination protocols.

Aedes System


The New Caledonian company has developed AGLOSTIC, a filter composed of 88% rubber obtained from the recycling of used tires and a synthetic binder without solvent.

While mosquitoes are vectors of serious diseases such as zika, dengue or even chikungunya, the AGLOSTIC allows the flow of water but blocks the nesting of mosquitoes, prevents green waste from accumulating, thus preventing the cleaning gutters and recovering filtered water free of plant or animal debris.

Shaped by molding, it is adaptable to all forms of receptacles to eliminate breeding sites: gutters, manholes, gutters. An entomological analysis entrusted to the Institut Pasteur in New Caledonia demonstrated a 99% effectiveness of the solution against the emergence of adult mosquitoes.

Other independent laboratories, such as the Le Mans Technological Transfer Center, have also made it possible to measure and validate the hydrological, mechanical characteristics and even the durability of the AGLOSTIC.

The company is part of an approach to respect the environment by helping to reduce the density of mosquitoes and therefore by limiting the need for chemical insecticide spraying. Its sustainable and permanent solution is also the result of the circular economy, patented and manufactured in New Caledonia.



The Dutch company has designed the world's first solar thermal desalination technology.

Its pioneering technology relies on heat and electrical energy through solar panels, to distill complex types of water including seawater, contaminated water (fluoride, arsenic, etc.) and brackish water in order to make them drinkable. The solution eliminates the need for filters or membranes, and uses only a biodegradable anti-scale, instead of chemicals.

Each installation will be able to supply 250.000 liters of drinking water of the highest quality per day, at a low cost.

The solution has been designed in terms of efficiency (cost, dimensions, weight), durability, transport and maintenance. It already has Carlsberg, and the Dubai Energy and Water Authority as partners.

SMO Solar Process


The Guadeloupe startup has developed SMO, a patented technology in the form of a compact and autonomous processor that uses the sun as the main source of energy to transform waste and biomass into green hydrogen.

Operating in total autonomy, even in isolated areas, it converts solar energy into powerful microwaves, used in synergy with thermo-solar energy in each step of the process.

Its process is based on 4 main stages: granulation, solar pyrolysis, gasification and purification of hydrogen. In less than 10 minutes, the full production capacity of the processor is reached. This production of green hydrogen is coupled with carbon capture technology, allowing the absorption of CO2.

SMO technology is part of a zero waste trajectory (waste is the raw material of the process), zero carbon (the industrial process is a carbon sink 100% supplied by renewable energies), zero agricultural pollutants (activated carbon and biochar representing alternatives to fertilizers), zero exclusion (decentralized production develops territories and generates job creation), zero vulnerability (operational units unfold and fold into containers to secure them).

The SMO site can be adjusted in number of units and thus respond precisely to local demand. The startup's vocation is to create decentralized energy systems, totally autonomous, supporting the circular economy and local resources. It thus offers the industrial sector an innovative, advantageous and flexible green hydrogen production.

Tech4Islands 2020: an unprecedented global success!