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Tribu Tech4Islands - Our 12 Finalists 2020

Discover the 12 Finalists of the Tech4Islands Awards 2020 international competition REBOUND vision towards the “islands after”, for a more self-sufficient, sustainable, inclusive and resilient island development and a more ecological Tech, good for the islands and therefore good for the Planet.

Advanced Microturbines


The Italian startup has designed an artificial intelligence-driven microturbine that provides plants and crops with the level of irrigation they need based on weather and soil properties. Its solution is based on a prediction algorithm.

Aedes System

New Caledonia

The Caledonian company has developed an ecological filter designed from recycled tires that prevents the proliferation of mosquitoes in their laying grounds. This filter lets the water flow but blocks the nesting of mosquitoes in gutters or flower pots.


French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup wants to recover the waste associated with the production of copra by using coconut husk. The coconut fiber rope is rot-proof, it has very good mechanical properties and it is biodegradable. The pilot project aims to use these ropes as a replacement for polypropylene ropes used in pearl farming, whose relatively rapid degradation into microplastics constitutes a problematic pollution for the lagoons.



The Dutch company has designed the world's first solar thermal desalination technology. Its objective is to sustainably produce drinking water for the islands.


New Caledonia

The New Caledonian company aims to change the maintenance methods of boat hulls by reducing the use of antifoulings. It thus offers an ecological and eco-responsible cleaning and maintenance service for boat hulls, carried out in marinas by a diver and a remote-controlled robot cleaner.

Energy Observer Developments


The French company is deploying clean energy solutions across all land and sea territories, thus contributing to the development of the hydrogen sector. It carries out studies and appraisals, supplies land-based electro-hydrogens and develops a floating hydrogen fueling station.



The French start-up manufactures plant-based, biodegradable and compostable packaging. She developed the VEGANBOTTLE solution, made from the components of sugar cane. It also offers packaging based on flax, hemp and minerals and markets a range of cups, bottles and flasks.


French Polynesia

The startup has developed an autonomous telemedicine mobile “infirmary” in order to provide primary health care in non-medical areas. Its solution thus responds to the lack of healthcare structures, whether linked to destruction, reconstruction, or a need for sanitary equipment in the context of sporting or cultural events.



The Guadeloupe startup is developing digital solutions for optimizing agricultural production processes. It develops connected objects that meet the needs of farmers in their daily life: mapping, evaluation of yields and decision support.

SMO Solar Process


The Guadeloupe company has developed SMO, a compact and autonomous processor that uses the sun as the main source of energy to transform waste or biomass into green hydrogen and energy. Its technology has a negative CO2 footprint.



The French startup designs, manufactures and installs floating and reversible modules for yachting and water sports. The attachment of these modules to the seabed does not induce pollution or disturbance of the ecosystems present.

Soel Yachts


The Dutch company combines naval architecture with expertise in systems integration to offer a new sustainable alternative to passenger transport on water. It designs electric boats powered by solar panels, eliminating the cost of fuel, engine noise and exhaust fumes. Its boats can be recharged by solar energy or from the local electricity grid.