Tech4Islands | La French Tech Polynesia - Candidates 2020 - Solutions that are good for the islands and therefore good for the planet

Candidates 2020 - Solutions that are good for the islands and therefore good for the Planet

Discover the 186 concrete innovative solutions BY and FOR the islands from 37 Countries and Territories around the world, which have nominated for the Tech4Islands Awards 2020, the only major international competition for the REBOND to the “islands after” and for a More ecological and sustainable tech.


Accelerate recovery and reduce the social crisis by preserving islands, oceans and biodiversity, strengthen island resilience to climate change and develop shared and low-carbon wealth.



The French startup designs, manufactures and installs floating and reversible modules for yachting and water sports. The attachment of these modules to the seabed does not induce pollution or disturbance of the ecosystems present.

Perryman Technologies


The Dubai company has developed a solar energy capture system, capable of producing 7 kWh of electricity 24/7/365, with a desalination option providing up to 500.000 liters of fresh water per day.

INSIGHT New Caledonia

New Caledonia

The New Caledonian startup has developed SPMS, a decision support solution aimed at providing institutional players with essential information for the sustainable management of island territories and resources using spatial imagery.



The French start-up offers the harbor authorities connected solutions to optimize the management of the occupation of marinas in real time using sensors or mooring buoys. It has also developed a mobile application for boaters and port agents.



The French company designs intelligent ships for the transport of regular passengers, tourists or goods, respectful of the environment. Its catamarans emit no polluting emissions, generate no noise or vibration. Each boat is equipped with a piloting assistance system to reduce the risk of collision with any object or animal present in its path.

Wave Bumper


The French start-up has designed a unique system of removable, quickly deployable and reusable dikes, intended to protect coastal areas subject to ocean hazards, while respecting the ecology of the site.

Eco boat

New Caledonia

The New Caledonian company aims to change the maintenance methods of boat hulls by reducing the use of antifoulings. It thus offers an ecological and eco-responsible cleaning and maintenance service for boat hulls, carried out in marinas by a diver and a remote-controlled robot cleaner.


French Polynesia

CRIOBE is one of the most eminent French laboratories for the study of coral ecosystems. Since 2010, he has managed the CORAIL Excellence Laboratory (LABEX) which brings together 9 institutions and 4 universities from overseas. Based in French Polynesia, he designed Biomim4Coral, a bio-inspired coral nursery offering a strong positive impact on the restoration of coral reefs in overseas territories.

Zephyr & Boreas


The French company specializes in the design and operation of low-carbon transport vessels. She notably thought of "Niuhiti", a maritime transport solution, deployable within the same archipelago to ensure travel between each island.

Energy Observer Developments


The French company is deploying clean energy solutions across all land and sea territories, thus contributing to the development of the hydrogen sector. It carries out studies and appraisals, supplies land-based electro-hydrogens and develops a floating hydrogen fueling station.

Resolute Marine


The American company has developed a solution that relies on hydraulic energy to produce electricity and allow the desalination of seawater for coastal populations. Its solution can be installed in a few days, without massive investments in infrastructure or for the transmission of electricity.


French Polynesia

In order to sustainably manage and enhance the 140 species of cones in French Polynesia, the French research organization is developing a commercial bank of venoms for innovative uses in pharmacology. Neurosciences have in fact made it possible to uncover promising properties for treating diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, etc.

Blue Innov - Finsulate France


The French company is developing an adhesive coating that is entirely respectful of the environment. Its solution makes it possible to prevent the presence of algae or shellfish on the hulls of boats, both in hot and cold waters, at sea or in rivers.



The French company has designed C4WILD, a multi-sensor system for the detection and classification of marine fauna. This device integrates video cameras and acoustic sensors which make it possible to detect underwater the presence and monitoring of specific biological or anthropogenic activities within coastal ecosystems.

AquaTech Innovation


The French company has developed a solution for the treatment of wastewater in a sustainable, biological, land-free manner, in complete autonomy, in order to develop aquatic spaces.

Sea Proven


Expert in marine robotics, the French startup designs autonomous nautical drones, remotely controlled and intended for civil or military maritime works. Its nautical drones are designed for both long-range and long-term use over several months, in order to carry out seismic surveys, surveillance of offshore installations or even seabed mapping.



The French company designs and markets hydrogen boats, for propulsion without greenhouse gas emissions. Its solution eliminates the risk of hydrocarbon leaks, while contributing to the promotion of clean and sustainable energy.



The French company has developed NemoSens, an underwater micro-vehicle that makes it possible to carry out seabed surveys and water quality studies at a lower cost. It offers more than 20 hours of autonomy and its ease of deployment limits its environmental impact.



The Monegasque startup has developed a range of high-end electric boats that respect the environment. Its solution does not emit CO2 in operation or chemical pollution and helps to preserve biodiversity. Its boats incorporate a real-time propulsion system management and control system, accessible from a mobile phone, tablet or via navigation screens.



The French startup offers telemetry solutions in restrictive environments such as aquatic environments. It has designed a connected box to fight the theft of oysters for food or pearl farming purposes. It is also developing connected buoys to provide information to oyster farmers in particular about the quality of seawater.


New Caledonia

Specialized in environmental analyzes, the French laboratory AEL / LEA designs and manufactures autonomous and automatic submersible robots to determine the chemical quality of marine water.

Semantic TS


The French company has designed Seamonitor, a fun solution to acquire environmental data from a kayak or jet ski, guided by a mobile application



The Swiss company has developed a software platform capable of controlling and collecting data from a maritime area within a defined perimeter. Its solution allows the monitoring of ships, underwater and surface activities and can be used in the fight against environmental degradation.

Eco Breeze Wind Transport


The French startup is developing resilient and carbon-free solutions by using the wind as the main propulsion for the transport of goods and people.


New Caledonia

The New Caledonian startup is developing smart digital platforms for the resilience and economic influence of islands in the face of climatic and anthropogenic risks.



The Dutch company has designed the world's first solar thermal desalination technology. Its objective is to sustainably produce drinking water for the islands.

Blue Power Synergy


The Belgian startup designs affordable renewable energy systems. It has developed an autonomous mobile unit, the size of a container, which produces electricity through a synergy between solar energy and wind energy.

Tuireann Energy


The Irish startup has developed nanofluid technology to be incorporated directly into gasoline and diesel engines in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Its solution can be used for car engines, generators and ships.

Water 3.0


The German startup has developed a filter to purify water from its microplastics and micropollutants. Its objective is to fight effectively against global water pollution caused by micropollutants. It focuses on the long-term protection of water as a habitat or central element of habitats, securing water as a present and future resource, and developing solutions.

Advanced Microturbines


The Italian startup has designed an artificial intelligence-driven microturbine that provides plants and crops with the level of irrigation they need based on weather and soil properties. Its solution is based on a prediction algorithm.

Easy Smart Grid


The German startup has developed a market platform where energy producers and consumers can meet. It thus designs a local energy market to best match consumer demand with production capacities.

Qed Naval


The Scottish company specializes in naval engineering and marine engineering. She developed Subhub, a solution that integrates turbines that use tidal energy to generate electricity.


Eliminate plastics and reinvent the way we produce and consume, so that the Smart Islands become models of eco-consumption through the adoption of a global management of their waste and their recovery.



The Dutch startup designs and markets autonomous vehicles and robots, capable of delivering goods, food or even luggage and collecting waste on site.

Technobank of Georgia


The Georgian company develops technologies that help improve the ecology of our planet. In particular, it transforms the plastic waste collected on the beaches into constructions for vertical vegetable gardens.



The Nigerian startup has designed a modular solar-powered cold room, ready to use, for the storage and preservation of perishable goods.



The French company designs multi-use, floating platforms installed in ports in coastal territories.



The French company manufactures autonomous and intelligent lighting systems for Smart Cities and isolated sites.

Bello Solutions


The Canadian company is developing a purifier that provides pure and personalized water, a real alternative to plastic bottles. Inspired by the natural water cycle, its technology eliminates all contaminants.



The Slovenian start-up designs drinking water fountains accessible to the public, in order to reduce the pollution linked to the single use of plastic bottles. myWater is an intelligent drinking water fountain, connected to the local water distribution network. It is based on a nanofiltration technique, developed by NASA researchers for astronauts.

New Green Tec


The Swiss startup develops and markets hybrid installations that rely on the combination of solar and wind energy. Thanks to their integrated batteries, they allow individuals to generate their own electricity directly from their terrace or garden.



The Swiss company has launched the “Biostraw4planet” initiative, which aims to develop biodegradable alternatives to plastic, starting with the creation of bamboo straws. It tackles the problem of ocean pollution based on a reproducible community model that draws on local resources.

Green City Organization


The French company has developed D'Rain, an innovative solution for collecting waste, macro-waste, hydrocarbons, heavy metals and drug residues before they reach the seas and oceans, thanks to an intelligent collar system associated with a net . Installed at the interface between cities and the oceans, its solution contributes to reducing marine pollution.

Eco Wave Power


The Israeli startup is developing floats attached to existing structures on land, such as breakwaters or jetties, capable of converting wave force into electric current. Its solution thus makes it possible to supply the electrical network directly with the electricity it produces.

AC Biode


The Japanese company relies on catalytic processes to carbonize organic and plastic waste on site at low temperature. Its first catalyst allows the carbonization of food waste, mixed with plastic waste, while the second aims to decompose microplastics. The carbon from these processes can then be recycled into bioplastics, biofuel or used in the industrial sector.



The French start-up offers Thomsea trawls for sale or rental in order to fight against floating marine pollution. The collected marine litter can then be sorted by specialist companies at the local level, thus forming part of a circular economy.

Sophie's BioNutrients


The Singaporean startup relies on a biotechnological system to use microalgae as sources of food proteins, thus offering an alternative to proteins of animal or plant origin. A system based on fermentation, which requires less production resources and does not need any fertilizers or pesticides.



The French startup designs micro-turbines based on ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology, capable of recovering and converting any heat source such as water, oil or steam into electricity.



The French startup designs energy plants capable of producing electricity and heat independently. Built without polluting materials, its power plants are based on self-oriented reflectors which concentrate solar energy in a reservoir. They also contain salt, which is used as a thermal battery. A thermodynamic converter then transforms this heat into electricity.



The French company offers its customers the opportunity to produce electricity from thermal waste. It is therefore part of a circular economy approach, making waste a useful resource. Its PULSE solution thus produces electricity from very low temperature thermal waste, ranging from 60 to 100 ° C.

WAS Company


The Mexican company develops sustainable building materials recycled from polymers for interior and exterior ceilings and panels. She works to build sustainable and accessible housing for low-income families.

Re: 3D


The American company aims to reduce the cost and barriers associated with accessing and using 3D printing. Its goal is to create new jobs and make this technology accessible to people with projects with social impact and to support them at the local level.



The French startup has designed a deeptech platform for intuitive management of electricity supply via renewable energies. It thus enables producers of renewable energies and industrial and tertiary consumers to size and manage decentralized energy production and storage systems in real time.

Aedes System

New Caledonia

The Caledonian company has developed an ecological filter designed from recycled tires that prevents the proliferation of mosquitoes in their laying grounds. This filter lets the water flow but blocks the nesting of mosquitoes in gutters or flower pots.

Green Technology


The Martinican startup provides businesses, communities and individuals with energy transition solutions adapted to island territories. It carries out energy audits and develops charging stations based on solar energy for electric vehicles. It also designs photovoltaic power plants for individuals and SMEs.


New Caledonia

The New Caledonian startup specializes in innovative mobility solutions. It offers institutions, communities and companies to make the management of their vehicle fleet eco-responsible through carsharing. Yugo maps mobility needs to ensure optimal use of vehicles. The company also offers a carpooling system for professionals.

Fenua Development

French Polynesia

The Polynesian company offers training for people in retraining or job seekers, to understand the exploitation of green resources in order to offer compostable food packaging, to work on the recovery of plastic, wood, cardboard or glass waste. , or the use of industrial waste.


New Caledonia

The New Caledonian company produces fertilizer from fish waste from deep-sea fishing. This waste is transformed by enzymatic digestion to obtain an eco-responsible product rich in trace elements in liquid form. This process reduces the cost of waste management and limits the import of chemical fertilizers.



The Madagascan company specializes in the collection of household waste. It supplies its teams with cyclo-tippers powered by solar energy. Users of its service can pay their subscription directly by mobile banking or at certain payment points.



The Guadeloupe startup is developing digital solutions for optimizing agricultural production processes. It develops connected objects that meet the needs of farmers in their daily life: mapping, evaluation of yields and decision support.

Ocean leathers


The Guadeloupe company specializes in tanning fish skins. Thanks to a vegetable treatment, the fish skin, waste from agro-processing, becomes a new material for the fashion, leather goods and furniture sectors.

Royal Recy Boat NC

New Caledonia

The New Caledonian company specializes in recycling end-of-life ships. Its solution allows the recycling of fiberglass as a secondary raw material. The grinding of wood and plastic will also allow a reduction in the volume of waste, with a view to local recovery according to existing channels.


New Caledonia

The New Caledonian startup has developed a mobile application that aims to reduce food waste while increasing purchasing power. It allows local producers, traders and supermarkets to share their products whose use-by date is approaching and to pass them on to consumers at reduced prices.


French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup wants to recover the waste associated with the production of copra by using coconut husk. The coconut fiber rope is rot-proof, it has very good mechanical properties and it is biodegradable. The pilot project aims to use these ropes as a replacement for polypropylene ropes used in pearl farming, whose relatively rapid degradation into microplastics constitutes a problematic pollution for the lagoons.

Urban picking


The French company specializes in local agriculture. It develops productive farms that respect the environment, whose production relies in particular on aquaponics, permaculture and vertical aeroponics.

Zero Waste Inc.


The American startup has designed a smart bin associated with "plug and play" technology. Thanks to artificial intelligence and robotic technology, it is able to sort, crush and package all recyclable waste, including glass, metal, as well as aluminum and plastic.



The French start-up manufactures plant-based, biodegradable and compostable packaging. She developed the VEGANBOTTLE solution, made from the components of sugar cane. It also offers packaging based on flax, hemp and minerals and markets a range of cups, bottles and flasks.

BHSL Hydro


The Irish start-up has developed a solution capable of transforming poultry manure into energy, which generates heat and electricity for farms.

Marine Innovation

South Korea

The South Korean startup designs and markets products made from seaweed, thus offering an eco-responsible and sustainable alternative to wooden and plastic objects.

Aether Solutions


The Luxembourg startup has designed Fountair, a solution that delivers both drinking water, generating clean and breathable air, and capable of providing electricity.

Ecoworth Tech


The Singaporean company has developed a solution for the removal and recovery of organic compounds present in wastewater.

Aton-HT SA


The Polish company focuses its activity on technologies for the treatment of hazardous waste and the recovery of valuable materials. The technologies prepared and implemented are based on the microwave heat treatment method.

E3 Water


The American startup is developing innovative processes to purify wastewater of its pathogenic and pharmaceutical components. It is thus able to clean municipal wastewater and provide clean water through an exclusive chemical cleaning process, capable of eliminating endocrine disruptors, bacteria and viruses present in the water.

Oxto Energy


The British startup has developed a mechanical battery that stores kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass. Designed to work with renewable technologies such as wind and solar, the flywheel enables power generation even when it is not needed. It will then be stored and used by equipped households.

Cal Wave Power Technologies


The American company harnesses the power of the waves to produce electricity and fresh water. Ocean waves are 20 to 60 times more energy dense, predictable and consistent than other forms of renewable energy. CalWave Power Technologies' patented technology converts this energy into electricity, equipping coastal communities with clean, reliable and local energy.

J2R Consulting


The Guadeloupe company specializing in computer engineering is at the origin of the application "I heal my territory", the objective of which is to achieve better waste management through training and the sharing of advice. The application also brings together communities and organizes workshops and eco-citizen actions.



The Belgian company specializes in the refurbishment of smartphones, thus helping to reduce the amount of existing electronic waste. It also offers biodegradable accessories for mobile phones for sale.

üpdate solutions

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup supports companies in their process of developing conversational and textual virtual assistants. In particular, it encourages hotels and restaurants to offer their menu through a chatbot system.



The Rwandan startup has developed a mobile application to connect homes and businesses with electronic waste with local players in the recycling industry.

Concretely Design

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup relies on upcycling to recover metal, wooden or plastic objects, with the aim of transforming them into furniture, decorative objects or luggage.



The Guadeloupe startup has designed a free mobile application that supports and encourages its users in their daily lives for better waste reduction. The application offers 4 services: sorting, planning, composting and reporting, with the objective of making citizens responsible for the waste they produce and that surround them.

Karaïb 3D


Specialized in 3D printing, the Martinican startup offers professionals and individuals works for the creation, customization and repair of domestic or technical objects. It also organizes training on 3D design and printing.


French Polynesia

The Polynesian company has developed an online platform for meetings between producers and consumers. It thus encourages limiting travel and promotes exchanges among its users. E'lien's ambition is to participate in the development of a new mode of consumption that is responsible, local, ecological, sustainable and inclusive.


New Caledonia

The New Caledonian company has designed an online trading platform for local eco-responsible products. It offers natural fiber baskets and bags for sale and aims to create an active network of artisans.

Charentaise Society of Marine Mechanics (SCMM)


The French company has developed an autonomous, 100% solar-powered on-board mobile system, both transposable on land and at sea. Its solution allows fresh or just harvested products to be preserved, for authentic conservation over time.

Energy Shift Global


The British startup has designed a platform to invest in renewable energy projects and installations, offering its users the opportunity to earn money through returns on their investments, but also to promote positive impacts on their territory. .



The Indian startup has developed PeerFund, an online platform bringing together investors and promoters of eco-responsible and sustainable projects.



The French company markets products made from biodegradable biopolymers, such as sugar cane fiber. It has already designed bio-based, customizable and reusable bottles and gourds, as well as a complete range of compostable tableware, including salad bowls, plates, cups and cutlery.

NUM SMO Technologies


The Guadeloupe company has developed SMO, a compact and autonomous processor that uses the sun as the main source of energy to transform waste or biomass into green hydrogen and energy. Its technology has a negative CO2 footprint.

VH Ninety-three


The French company designs and manufactures biosourced, recyclable and connected tidal turbines, providing access to renewable, resilient, responsible and sustainable energy production.

Fruit and Food


The French company has designed an online platform that allows its users to donate, sell or buy surplus fruit and vegetables from home gardeners.



The French startup is deploying energy efficiency solutions and access to broadband connectivity in white and gray areas through data transmission by light. It is also involved in Smart City solutions through the implementation of intelligent autonomous solar lighting capable of collecting and reporting data.

Earth power group


The Singaporean startup specializes in desalination technologies. Its solution makes it possible, thanks to solar energy, to produce drinking water for island territories.

Farmgate Technologies


The Indian company specializes in technologies related to the cold chain. It develops eco-responsible solutions for farmers and fishermen.

Watts Battery


The Cypriot startup has designed a storage solution to conserve, transfer and use electrical energy.



The Swiss company deploys innovative solutions in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental protection. In particular, it includes waste recovery with the aim of decarbonizing electricity production while limiting the costs associated with the energy transition.

Wabi Consulting


The Beninese company has designed E-Colo, a magnetic chip integrated into GSM networks that promotes the circular economy through the concept of polluter pays.

Sierra Energy


The American startup has developed FastOx, a clean energy waste gasification solution. It thus uses heat, steam and oxygen to disintegrate waste at the molecular level.

Breeze Technologies


The German startup designs air quality sensors to measure the pollutants present such as oxides of carbon and nitrogen, ozone and particles. Its cloud platform provides data to help scientists, municipalities and governments understand air quality, its impacts and how to improve it.


Allow access to the new tourism professions for the populations of the islands, favor the rapid return of a regulated and controlled activity which values ​​the cultural and natural balances.

Live Immersion SXM


The French company adopts a global approach to 360 ° video in 3D and in high resolution. Its solution can be used in particular in tourism promotion to allow islands to attract tourists and professionals to organize virtual expeditions.



The French startup specializes in underwater mapping by acoustic methods and photogrammetry. In particular, it has developed a digital platform for a 3D underwater map of dive sites in French Polynesia, in order to avoid overcrowding and allow better management of marine areas.



Specializing in fun experiences, the French startup offers the possibility of creating its own geolocated outdoor games on smartphones and without having to code. It places the geolocated game as a new travel experience for tourists to allow them to explore new places.

Soel Yachts


The Dutch company combines naval architecture with expertise in systems integration to offer a new sustainable alternative to passenger transport on water. It designs electric boats powered by solar panels, eliminating the cost of fuel, engine noise and exhaust fumes. Its boats can be recharged by solar energy or from the local electricity grid.

Digital Florebo

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup is developing My Polynesia, a free online platform that allows users to design their own tourism product, thanks to tailor-made packages. It thus intends to relaunch local and international tourism in French Polynesia by federating tourist service providers and favoring eco-responsible activities.



The French startup designs floating ecolodges, autonomous in water and electricity, removable and transportable in containers. It aims to exploit them in FareVillages in lagoons, rivers or even ports, while being part of an active sustainable tourism approach.

Wild Immersion


The French company relies on technological immersion to rediscover nature. It has thus designed the world's first virtual wild animal reserve, using virtual reality, 3D mapping and augmented reality. Wild Immersion thus wishes to raise public awareness of the challenges of wildlife conservation.

Nautic Blue


The Guadeloupe startup has developed the first 100% electric nautical kart solution, navigable in protected areas and equipped with a connected mobile application. Promoting respect for nature, Nautic Blue is a tool for developing the attractiveness of territories.

Geomatik Karaïb


The Guadeloupe company has designed a digital solution in favor of accessibility for people with disabilities. It thus provides information on transport or accommodation in tourist sites in French overseas territories.



The Guadeloupe startup specializes in physical and virtual guided tours of Caribbean companies. It promotes immersive tourism, while respecting health measures. Visitors thus find themselves transported behind the scenes of the economy of the territories.



Anthénea is the first 100% autonomous, unsinkable and self-sufficient mobile hotel suite on water. Its solar dome provides the necessary energy for its occupants, who benefit from an observatory on flora and fauna thanks to its underwater bay.


France - Polynesia

The Polynesian startup based in France has created the QR-Light technology that transforms LED light into a luminous QR code and the lights into an instant communication network. Each light tells the story of what it illuminates, a real plus for tourism: the audio guide by light. A technological and ecological solution that cuts greenhouse gas emissions and the impact of digital technology on the environment by 4.



The French startup has developed an application to identify in a few seconds all the activities and sporting events offered by water sports centers. More than 2000 structures are already referenced in 53 countries.

Ender Ocean


The French startup has designed a video game available on PC, tablet and smartphone, the mission of which is to pilot underwater robots remotely in order to eliminate underwater pollution. The player is required to identify and recover plastic or fishing waste from rivers, lakes and coasts in order to allow their recovery later.



The French company has developed a mini-blogging tool to facilitate research and centralization of social media for influencers. Its platform also makes it possible to create personalized creative content to enable the discovery, promotion, and sharing of social commerce.


New Caledonia

The New Caledonian startup has developed Eco Smart Mooring, a solution based on the establishment of connected mooring parks to promote sustainable management of lagoons. It is based on a device on board the boat, the provision of a connected buoy powered by a solar panel, integrated fleet management software and a mobile application.

Cynthia Contini Consulting


The Reunion-based company has designed Contini, a digital platform that allows local players to promote their products, while providing information on the environment and sustainable development.

Discover Mauritius

South Africa

The Mauritian company has designed a platform allowing tourists to book their travel and expeditions to Mauritius. Thanks to a geolocation system, the user has access to information concerning places to discover, shops or even restaurants within a perimeter of 5 km.



The French startup has deployed a solution that makes it possible to create immersive cultural experiences on mobile in hybrid reality, for 360 ° discoveries of sites and territories.



The French startup has developed an application that presents in real time, based on the preferences of its users, a wide range of activities offered nearby.

SharkSafe Barrier

South Africa

The South African startup has designed an eco-responsible solution to protect swimmers and sharks, by physically separating them using a barrier in the form of a net. Its solution integrates, in fact, the appearance of a kelp, which has the effect of preventing sharks from crossing it.



The French startup has designed a diving device that eliminates the need for the stabilizer vest and the bottle, thanks to a compressor powered by a battery that sucks in the air on the surface. Its solution is both simple and autonomous.



The Martinican company has developed a mobile application allowing its users to view and locate all the tourist products available to them on island territories.



The French start-up has designed a floating platform designed for luxury hotels. Completely autonomous, it is equipped with solar panels (with battery storage) to generate the energy necessary for the proper functioning of all the equipment, a liquefied natural gas emergency relay group, a reverse osmosis watermaker , as well as a micro phyto-purification plant (zero discharge).



The French startup offers a connected karting solution thanks to electric karts equipped with a firing system to help slow down opponents. K-Lamar directly installs the track and the machines on the site where the event takes place.



The French startup has developed a software platform to easily and independently create and manage content and training in virtual reality.

Caribbean drone


The Martinican startup has developed Skyzup, a platform that facilitates the preparation of overseas trips thanks to the creation of 360 ° photos and videos.


Protect populations and allow equal access to care in remote islands by deploying telemedicine, telediagnosis and teleconsultation solutions at home.


French Polynesia

The startup has developed an autonomous telemedicine mobile “infirmary” in order to provide primary health care in non-medical areas. Its solution thus responds to the lack of healthcare structures, whether linked to destruction, reconstruction, or a need for sanitary equipment in the context of sporting or cultural events.



The Madagascan startup has designed a platform to allow healthcare professionals to manage their consultations. It also offers patients the possibility of booking their appointments in practice, at home or by teleconsultation. Meddoc also intends to double its solution with a telephone consultation platform for populations located in the most remote areas and who do not have access to the Internet.



The French startup has designed a telemedicine booth equipped with videoconferencing equipment with a touch screen. Its medical software is both intuitive and secure to allow the monitoring of patient care pathways.


French Polynesia

The Polynesian company offers the Oasis Health Record (DSO), an innovative and unique digital record due to its inter-professional collaborative capacity. It integrates, in fact, e-health procedures such as telemedicine, service protocols and specific synthesis tools. This application solution was designed on the basis of the Tuamotu-Gambier public health organization.

Ama Xpert Eye


The French company offers an assisted reality platform for setting up remote assistance. In order to respond to the geographical distance of health professionals, the caregiver is able to deliver his findings through the eyes of remote staff, thus guiding him in the actions of the operation to be carried out as if he were on site.



The Reunionese startup has developed a platform that integrates a human resources management information system. Its solution makes it possible to identify occupational health indicators and to value them economically. It also makes it possible to recover this data to feed the HR management of the company.



The French start-up is facilitating the deployment of telemedicine and democratizing access to primary care thanks to phygital solutions. The company has developed a connected medical practice equipped with 7 medical devices remotely controlled by the doctor during the teleconsultation.

Cipac Medical

New Caledonia

The New Caledonian company uses MELODY, a connected ultrasound robot for performing remote exams designed by its partner AdEchoTech. It does not move or expose patients and doctors.



The Martinican startup has developed an online platform to simplify access to care. It allows patients to make appointments with healthcare professionals, while providing physicians with a management space for their consultations.



The English startup is developing devices with a diagnostic tool for the visually impaired. Its solution aims to improve their autonomy and allows healthcare professionals to ensure better follow-up of their patients by optimizing their treatments.

NC meeting

New Caledonia

The New Caledonian startup has developed an online platform to make it easier to make medical appointments and promote e-consultations.



The Guyanese startup has developed an online tool intended to facilitate monitoring the availability and contamination of employees during a health crisis.



The French company is behind a mobile application that responds to the need to create and centralize content relating to cosmetic products, food supplements and restorative and aesthetic medicine.



The Martinican company has designed an innovative solution to support the elderly at home. It includes a life plan based on the state of health of the elderly person, a set of health services, personal services and activities provided by selected professionals, as well as a mobile application allowing monitoring. of all these services.

Ubique Tech


The French startup offers an innovative digital solution for motor rehabilitation at home for individuals, which is interactive, fun, affordable and intuitive.

Benn yoon


The French company delivers medical products to isolated areas. It also ensures the transport of medical samples to analysis laboratories.

ID9 System


The Guadeloupe company designs digital solutions for home support for seniors and people with loss of autonomy.



The Madagascan startup has designed a medical consultation application by telephone. It also ensures the delivery of medicines by bicycle, motorbike, bush taxi, car or drone.


Fight against computer illiteracy to reduce the social and territorial division and develop the use of digital, an essential lever to reduce inequalities and allow everyone to access public services, training, higher education, economic activity and employment. Integrate teleworking tools on an island scale.



The Australian eBottli platform secures the Supply Chain thanks to the Internet of Things and the blockchain. The monitoring of different goods such as food or chemicals thus makes it possible to guarantee the authenticity and traceability of flows.

National School of Architecture of Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV)


The National School of Architecture of Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV) deploys POLY-HABITABILITÉ: innovative solutions to support residents in their self-rehabilitation and self-construction process.

The PNG Business

Papua New Guinea

The Papua Digital Platform offers advice, vision and resources to entrepreneurs in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region. It also organizes seminars on entrepreneurship and investing, produces educational content, and provides banking and technology services.

Master Robot

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup offers children the opportunity to discover programming training through competition. The courses are followed remotely via an e-learning platform or in person. The objective is to include each of the five archipelagos of French Polynesia which will meet during a grand finale of robotics in Tahiti.

Lisio - Numanis


The French startup has designed Lisio, a solution that makes websites accessible to populations with digital difficulties. Via a web plugin, it allows any website to dynamically generate a view of its content adapted to the difficulties of each visitor: illectronism, visual, cognitive or motor handicaps. The solution is also suitable for travelers or residents in areas with low network speed.



French virtual reality training platform that allows everyone to develop their behavioral skills, accompanied by remote coaches. A virtual reality terminal can be deployed in each territory to avoid the physical travel required for face-to-face training.

Smart Futures


The French social platform allows residents to interact and build, alongside their communities, more pleasant areas to live in. It turns field data collection, participation in local decision-making and behavioral changes into a game with fun applications to facilitate collaboration, contact and monitoring of public services.



The French startup has developed a solution that maps the roads and buildings of a given geographic area in a city or on an island, using satellite images. It thus makes it possible to provide a conventional postal address to each household, with the objective of promoting the socio-economic inclusion of populations.



The Martinican startup has developed a platform dedicated to improving recruitment processes, accessible free of charge to candidates and companies.

Pocket Teacher


The French start-up has developed an intelligent educational assistant that facilitates the learning of mathematics thanks to vocal and visual features designed to circumvent any difficulties that children may encounter in writing.

Coding Park


The French startup has developed an online platform that helps children acquire notions in computer programming through video games.

L&K Studios


The French startup Lulu & Kroy markets a digital library of interactive stories for children aged 8-12.



The American EdTech has developed the first edutainment application that uses interactive comics to learn a language. The user can thus read and listen to books, comics or even graphic novels while learning a new language.



The Canadian startup specializes in micro-shuttles, carpooling and parking management. It has developed a planned transport mobile and web application that optimizes the use of private vehicles and taxi micro-shuttles, to offer better mobility options to citizens.



The French start-up has developed a patented solution that is unique in the world which makes it possible to adapt the content of any website to the difficulties that Internet users suffering from disorders such as Parkinson's disease, low vision, color blindness, dyslexia and even 'epilepsy.

Job NC

New Caledonia

The New Caledonian startup has developed an online platform for connecting candidates and recruiters.

Acerola Online


The French startup has developed an online platform that offers skills assessments. It provides support solutions for professional transitions for employees living abroad or far from large urban centers.



The French company has designed a digital platform for small businesses looking for on-demand online support. Its solution thus allows the sharing of skills, without any travel, in the areas of marketing, human resources, management or communication.

Like A Pro Marketing


The Martinican startup supports public and private companies in defining and implementing their digital mediation strategies and tools.

Mr. J. Metrix


The Guadeloupe startup has developed the Chalandiz application (MJ Metrix) which provides geolocated visibility automatically to companies on Google.

Theia education


The French company publishes a platform for examinations, evaluation and training. It supports training institutions towards the digital transition of teaching and deploys an adapted, flexible and efficient solution that has resilience properties to face crisis situations.

Waika Studio

New Caledonia

The New Caledonian company showcases the culture of the Pacific Islands through video games. It aims to develop this industry in island territories by creating training courses and a platform for online service offers.



The French startup has designed a mobile application whose objective is to boost local consumption and increase purchasing power thanks to a cashback system. Merchants issue reward offers on the platform and a collective endowment, funded by communities or donors, reimburses part of the purchases made by users

Maat Xperiences


The Martinican company is developing an engineering solution for the creation and development of collaborative third places in order to promote coworking, FabLabs, digital mediation or even services to the public.



The French company has developed an innovative solution that simplifies the design, operation and security of IT structures. It enables companies to communicate incompatible networks with each other and to support them in their cybersecurity strategies.

Scalable Graphics


The French company develops high-performance streaming solutions using servers located in the cloud. It relies on the available bandwidth to allow access to websites or applications, ensuring low latency.

Wip NC

New Caledonia

The New Caledonian startup is developing an online platform to reduce illiteracy by promoting the acquisition of basic French skills for the Pacific region.


New Caledonia

The New Caledonian startup has developed a participatory web application testing platform that connects the creators of web and mobile applications with paid users who want to test these applications.



The French startup has created a learning platform that helps students develop their interpersonal skills, their capacity for collaboration while facilitating the work of teachers and teachers.



The French start-up offers a collaborative educational platform which aims to strengthen the skills base of inhabitants living on the islands in various fields essential to employment. It thus aims to reduce inequalities and allow everyone to access training.

Seed Out Fenua

French Polynesia

A video game studio, the Polynesian company offers players the opportunity to finance environmental actions through mobile and multiplayer game experiences, through sequences on themes ranging from reforestation to ocean cleaning.



The Martinican startup has developed a complete application to monitor the skills path. It allows in particular the assessment of prior learning, the validation of a professional project or training. It also offers soft-skills workshops and training in digital and coding.

PAS & Cie


The French start-up designs, in the form of portable boxes, nomadic and autonomous digital competence centers, making it possible to reach island regions and populations. Its tools make it possible to deploy an innovative pedagogical approach, and to find broader concrete applications in areas such as education, health or local development.



The French company has designed a solution to participate in the digital transformation process of SMEs and reduce digital disparities in the territories. It thus makes it possible to digitize the purchasing process of companies and administrations and optimizes the referencing of local suppliers.



The French start-up specializes in the digital inclusion of the most vulnerable audiences, whether they are seniors, very beginners or visually impaired. For example, it organizes telephone and face-to-face workshops in order to discuss the various anxieties and reservations about digital technology.



The French company measures attendance (queues, flow management, space occupancy) and communicates it in real time with daily forecasts. Its solution is already deployed in museums, libraries, and aquatic centers.

European Network Information eXchange Area

French Polynesia

The Polynesian company has developed a platform dedicated to teleworking, entrepreneurial coaching and real estate, in order to launch wage portage for residents and non-residents of French Polynesia.

Music Crab


The French startup has developed a fun application to learn to read music while having fun. It consists of 182 levels of play, accessible to all, including 7 musical keys and 9 keyboards so that they can be played anywhere in the world.

The Little Mandarins


The French company offers an online Chinese learning solution. She works as well with individuals in self-training, as companies and schools. Its tool makes it possible to work on all language skills thanks to a serious game, accessible anywhere and anytime.



The French company supports economic players in their digital transition by relying on digital marketing.



The French startup is developing a platform that promotes local interactions to fight exclusion and support the development of territories.