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Tribu Tech4Islands - Our 4 Tech2021Islands Laureates

In the end, 4 Laureates and a special mention from the jury won the 4 Tech2021Islands Awards international competition to the “islands after”. The French company Lyspackaging wins the Tech4Islands PLANÈTE Grand Prix, the Polynesian company Pacific Beachcomer SC wins the Tech4Islands OCEANIA Grand Prix, the Saint-Barthélémy Sargasse Project startup the Tech4Islands OVERSEAS Grand Prix and the Tech4Islands POLYNESIA Grand Prix goes to Nīnamu Solutions. This year's surprise came from Boreal Light GmbH who received a special jury mention.


Tech4Islands WORLD Grand Prix 2021 (France)

Lyspackaging is a French company that manufactures, from new organic or mineral materials, containers, bottles and stoppers, without using a drop of oil, from renewable resources, sourced locally if possible.

These materials can be a mix of different co-products such as flax, hemp, fruit stones, seeds or fibers, cereals, clay and terracotta or seashells.

Lyspackaging offers a turnkey installation to develop the manufacture of these innovative packaging which is certified biodegradable and compostable according to French, European and international standards.

A real alternative to conventional plastic bottles. It should be noted that no toxicity is present during the biodegradation of the packaging in the compost. Certified compost can be reused.


Tech4Islands OCEANIA Grands Prix 2021 (French Polynesia)

The SWAC (sea water air conditioning), a deep water collection system, aims to drastically reduce the amount of energy consumed to produce air conditioning, while using a natural and renewable source of cold. It could be implemented anywhere with proper bathymetry and easy access to deep ocean water and high air conditioning requirements.

The concept is to give the possibility of having fresh air when it is needed, while considerably reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The solution works with two main parts: a freshwater loop and a seawater loop. With SWAC, only 10% to 20% of the electrical power of a conventional AC solution is needed for the same. results.

Sargasso Project

Tech4Islands OVERSEAS Grand Prix 2021 (Saint-Barthélémy)

Sargasse Project is a startup from Saint-Barthélémy which set itself the objective of transforming the Sargassum seaweed into a new useful and ecological biomaterial, intended for use as paper, cardboard and finished products made from molded cellulose.

Sargassum algae are harmful plants which, since 2011, have been a real ecological, economic and health scourge for the regions affected by this phenomenon.

While there are collection solutions today, there are very few sustainable recovery solutions. Sargasse Project offers an alternative.


Tech4Islands POLYNESIA Grand Prix 2021 (French Polynesia)

Solutions wishes to deploy a standardized “healthy circular economy family vegetable garden” kit allowing island populations to compost their bio-waste, to add value to this compost by cultivating traditional local foods with high nutritional value and to develop food self-sufficiency.

The kit is made up of two parts: the composting part includes individual or collective composters in local wood to assemble oneself, free of plastics and chemicals. The vegetable garden (fa'a'apu) with the provision of cuttings and materials necessary for the cultivation of local food products.

To extend the experience and better support users, a mobile application offers tools allowing everyone to develop independently.


Special mention from the TECH4ISLANDS 2021 jury (Germany)

Boreal Light GmbH provides high quality drinking, irrigation, fish farming and sanitation water from all types of saline and polluted water resources through its state-of-the-art solar water desalination system. technology. Its main features are that it is fully solar powered, the simplicity of its design and its affordable price.

The systems offered by Boreal Light are ideal solutions for islands without battery, diesel or electricity. They are powered by solar energy! And 80% of the maintenance only requires a wrench and screwdriver!