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Tribu Tech4Islands - Our 16 Finalists 2021

Discover the 16 Finalists of the 4 Tech2021Islands Awards international competition towards the “next islands”, for a more self-sufficient, sustainable, inclusive and resilient island development and a more ecological Tech, good for the islands and therefore good for the Planet.

Tech 4 One-Planet

Innovative solutions to deploy renewable energies, ensure access to drinking water and sanitation and create industries with low environmental impact that integrate human values ​​and resources, job creation, micro-sectors of he is.



“The French startup manufactures and markets very high efficiency atmospheric water generators.
Its technology is without competition, its generators are multi-energy and modular. It allows multiple locations even when energy sources are non-existent. "

Bamboo For Life


The French startup offers a wastewater treatment solution using bamboo. In a more resilient approach, this makes it possible to create biomass, by sequestering carbon and installing islands of freshness.

Blue Power Synergy


The Belgian company offers L 'Enreau, an independent renewable water purification station. The station is modular, produces all its energy itself 100% renewable, 0 emissions and without fuel. It allows energy storage to operate 24/7. It produces “30000” liters of drinking water per day.

Boreal Light GmbH


The German company provides high-quality drinking, irrigation, fish farming and sanitation water from all types of saline and polluted water resources through its state-of-the-art solar water desalination system. technology.

Hace SAS


The French startup captures wave energy and meets the basic needs of humanity: Energy, Fresh water, Coastal protection, Decarbonization. It is the cheapest (<€ 20 / MWh) and the most carbon-free (<0,5 geqCO2 / KWh) energy to produce the most competitive (<€ 1 / Kg) and the most carbon-free hydrogen.

Hello Scoot '

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup has created a service of shared electric scooters, recharged by solar energy. An alternative solution to the personal car for short journeys in the urban area of ​​Tahiti, paying from a minute of journey!



The French company has developed the Flexirve, the first hybrid solar luminaire equipped with an EV charging station. It enables electricity consumption to be reduced by up to 90% compared to a traditional lamppost, provides security on the network and makes it easy to develop electric mobility.



The French startup is making bottles from new organic or mineral materials without using a drop of oil. And this, from renewable resources, sourced locally if possible.

Pacific Beachcomber SC

French Polynesia

The Polynesian company has developed a seawater air conditioning system (SWAC). This system saves around 90% of cold energy compared to a conventional air conditioning system. It uses the temperature of the depths of the ocean to cool an air conditioning loop.

Resolute Marine


The American company has developed a unique solution to address the problem of water scarcity in the islands: the first wave-powered desalination system (Wave2O ™), which can operate off-grid, generate electricity and supply large quantities of water. clear water at a competitive price.


New Caledonia

The Caledonian startup offers a professional, universal, eco-designed control tower. Assembled on site and delivered turnkey, its interchangeable facade adapts to the place and the culture. It is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized isolated aerodromes.

Tech 4 One-Humanity

Innovative solutions to transform the economic, organizational and operational models of island development, support access to wealth and services for populations and build resilient, flourishing and equitable societies.

Nīnamu Solutions

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup has developed a “healthy circular economy family vegetable garden” kit allowing island populations to compost their bio-waste and develop food self-sufficiency. A dematerialized monitoring tool makes it possible to support beneficiaries in the process and to make them autonomous on a daily basis.

Tech 4 One-Ocean

Innovative solutions to strengthen the resilience of islands, adaptation to climate change, protection of the oceans and their biodiversity and to develop a sustainable, carbon-free and reasoned blue economy.


French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup offers Moana, a marine drone solution designed to strengthen the resilience of islands and the protection of the oceans. Moana aims to bring out marine drone technology in French Polynesia, by developing every facet of the activity: design, manufacture, operation, training.

Sargasse Project

Saint Bartholomew

The Saint-Barthélémy startup aims to convert Sargassum algae into a useful and ecological biomaterial, to become one of the new packaging of tomorrow.



The Guadeloupe startup offers Solartrio, a new type of solar street furniture, automated and mobile, dedicated to the collection of recyclable packaging from citizens via a financial incentive on the principle of the deposit. Almost 10t of plastic bottles and cans can be collected monthly.

Tech 4 One-Health

Innovative solutions to meet the challenge of an integrated approach to good human, animal and environmental health, as well as the evolution of agronomic and fisheries sectors in a context of global changes in the islands.

The Brando

French Polynesia

The Polynesian company has created an innovative and effective process to fight against mosquitoes that are vectors of diseases (dengue, Zika, etc.). This process eliminates in a sustainable way, and without chemical treatment, the mosquitoes in the infested areas. It is based on an organic approach that respects the environment.