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Tribu Tech4Islands - Our solutions that are good for the islands and therefore good for the planet

Discover the 67 concrete innovative solutions BY and FOR the islands from 20 Countries and Territories around the world, candidates for the Tech4Islands Awards 2021, the only major international competition for the “islands after” and for a more ecological and sustainable Tech .

Tech 4 One-Planet

Innovative solutions to deploy renewable energies, ensure access to drinking water and sanitation and create industries with low environmental impact that integrate human values ​​and resources, job creation, micro-sectors of he is.

Advanced Microturbines Srl


The Italian company created AquaWatt: a reliable, grid-independent water management system that addresses the need for water grid monitoring through data-driven decisions.

ALTO Solutions


The French startup produces thermal solar energy at an unbeatable price. This energy can be stored simply and inexpensively, then used in the form of heat up to 400 ° C, cold or electricity. A true multi-energy system particularly well suited to island areas.



“The French startup manufactures and markets very high efficiency atmospheric water generators.
Its technology is without competition, its generators are multi-energy and modular. It allows multiple locations even when energy sources are non-existent. "

Bamboo For Life


The French startup offers a wastewater treatment solution using bamboo. In a more resilient approach, this makes it possible to create biomass, by sequestering carbon and installing islands of freshness.

Blue Power Synergy


The Belgian company offers L 'Enreau, an independent renewable water purification station. The station is modular, produces all its energy itself 100% renewable, 0 emissions and without fuel. It allows energy storage to operate 24/7. It produces “30000” liters of drinking water per day.

Boreal Light GmbH


The German company provides high-quality drinking, irrigation, fish farming and sanitation water from all types of saline and polluted water resources through its state-of-the-art solar water desalination system. technology.



The French startup combines “blockchain” and “vehicle-to-grid” technologies to allow a fleet of electric vehicles to power and balance the local networks of an island.



The French start-up aims to design a high-performance composite material based on plant fibers and to market products made with this material. All in an approach of fair trade, circular economy and sustainable development.

Creaspin SASU


The French company offers an autonomous solar refrigerator to store island fruits. This refrigerator is designed to be produced and assembled locally.

GKinetic Energy Ltd


The Irish company has designed innovative turbines that generate 100% clean and predictable energy from free flowing water. We offer a clean and durable alternative to diesel generators and unlike competitive hydrokinetic devices, our patented turbine operates at medium and lower flow speeds.

Green Energy Development Co.


The Iranian startup specializes in renewable energy, in particular hydroelectricity. Their solution is an innovative micro-turbine used for the distributed production of hydroelectricity from watercourses (canals / rivers).

Green Fortress Engineering


The American startup offers three technologies to convert waste into energy, chemicals, fuel and heat. Each is designed for the scale and economy of island nations and remote villages.

Hace SAS


The French startup captures wave energy and meets the basic needs of humanity: Energy, Fresh water, Coastal protection, Decarbonization. It is the cheapest (<€ 20 / MWh) and the most carbon-free (<0,5 geqCO2 / KWh) energy to produce the most competitive (<€ 1 / Kg) and the most carbon-free hydrogen.

Hello Scoot '

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup has created a service of shared electric scooters, recharged by solar energy. An alternative solution to the personal car for short journeys in the urban area of ​​Tahiti, paying from a minute of journey!


South Korea

The South Korean startup has developed INWave, a clean and innovative “onshore” wave energy converter. Its modular system installed on the coast allows adaptation to local conditions and to decentralized island electricity production.



The French company has developed the Flexirve, the first hybrid solar luminaire equipped with an EV charging station. It enables electricity consumption to be reduced by up to 90% compared to a traditional lamppost, provides security on the network and makes it easy to develop electric mobility.



The French startup is making bottles from new organic or mineral materials without using a drop of oil. And this, from renewable resources, sourced locally if possible.



The French startup is developing giant kitesurf kites of up to 200m² and dedicated to the fishing sector. Its 100% autonomous system is designed to be installed on all types of vessels without impacting the already heavy work of fishermen. Its ambition: to revitalize this struggling sector.

mBio7 SAS


The French start-up manufactures molded wood panels, which make it possible to easily and quickly build emergency and sustainable houses, from a global resource of inexhaustible wood raw materials because they come from the recycling of residues without any deforestation.

MedEx Polynesia

French Polynesia

The Polynesian company has launched Kamaka, an automatic and autonomous device aimed at following the sun as it travels across the sky in the same way as a sunflower. This solution optimizes cooking in the solar oven in order to cook with clean energy and without particulate emissions linked to combustion.



The Swiss startup has created equipment to recycle CO2 into proteins economically, competitively and in industrial quantities.



The French start-up offers an innovative agricultural solution aimed at creating an optimal microclimate and protecting outdoor cultivation from extreme climatic events. The dynamic PV panels integrated into the solution generate solar energy to cover the investment.

Pacific Beachcomber SC

French Polynesia

The Polynesian company has developed a seawater air conditioning system (SWAC). This system saves around 90% of cold energy compared to a conventional air conditioning system. It uses the temperature of the depths of the ocean to cool an air conditioning loop.

re: 3D Inc


The American startup is committed to pulverizing the costs and barriers associated with 3D printing to allow greater use. To do this, she created Gigabot, an industrial-sized 3D printer, now modified to print directly from plastic waste to enable a local, sustainable and low-cost industry in the islands.

Resolute Marine


The American company has developed a unique solution to address the problem of water scarcity in the islands: the first wave-powered desalination system (Wave2O ™), which can operate off-grid, generate electricity and supply large quantities of water. clear water at a competitive price.

Reuniwatt SAS


The Reunion-based company specializes in cloud observation / cloud cover forecasting. They support a safe and massive penetration of solar energy on the grid: they predict what will be injected in the coming days, in the next hours, in the next minutes by solar farms around the world.


New Caledonia

The Caledonian startup offers a professional, universal, eco-designed control tower. Assembled on site and delivered turnkey, its interchangeable facade adapts to the place and the culture. It is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized isolated aerodromes.

Tech 4 One-Humanity

Innovative solutions to transform the economic, organizational and operational models of island development, support access to wealth and services for populations and build resilient, flourishing and equitable societies.

To Your Cards

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup has designed CartoMobil'ite, a collaborative map for inclusive mobility in Tahiti and Moorea. For all people forced to move in a wheelchair, it allows you to share accessible places, obstacles to movement, toilets and PRM places, and to learn about them.

Airmont datacast


The French company has patented a solution to reduce by 10 the internet speeds necessary to transport video streaming streams thanks to ergonomics similar to the use of a chromecast.

Targets - PIKIT


The Martinican startup has decided to take up the challenge of food waste and offers the concept of generalized picking: PIKIT. A "picking" of fruits on the ground, unused and yet plethora.

Jean-Bernard Etcheverry training

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup has developed Super Tatie, a serious game that aims to train school canteens in the islands using a remote virtual 3D application. The canteen is located at the hinge of a territorial food ecosystem. The serious game aims to empower her to activate the levers at her disposal.

O nuggets island

New Caledonia

The Caledonian startup is the 1st Caledonian online store for second-hand clothing from birth to 14 years old. Created at the end of 2020, this startup is part of an eco-responsible and circular economy approach.


New Caledonia

The Caledonian startup has created a webapp for mathematics teachers. It offers a search engine adapted to their needs, but also analysis functionalities suggesting price strategies, guided by clustering models.

Nīnamu Solutions

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup has developed a “healthy circular economy family vegetable garden” kit allowing island populations to compost their bio-waste and develop food self-sufficiency. A dematerialized monitoring tool makes it possible to support beneficiaries in the process and to make them autonomous on a daily basis.



Faced with natural and man-made disasters, the Martinican company has adapted two axes of risk prevention and management solutions, combining the speed of implementation, the simplicity of the useful material resources present on site, the reduction of costs to multiply actions . And thus improve the resilience of populations.

Still good

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup offers a mobile application allowing traders to reduce their food losses and reach new customers by connecting them to consumers in order to sell their stock of fresh products on time in the form of exclusive flash offers.

Tahiti Relais

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup has designed the first relay point delivery service and network in Polynesia. Their solution optimizes the cost of local shipments for merchants and e-merchants with a guarantee of traceability, low environmental impact and customer satisfaction.



The Israeli startup offers an online platform for the chronological organization of data, creating a playful visualization, spur storage and user interaction. The desired business model will be without profit and without advertising and will offer services to individuals and small structures.

Tech 4 One-Ocean

Innovative solutions to strengthen the resilience of islands, adaptation to climate change, protection of the oceans and their biodiversity and to develop a sustainable, carbon-free and reasoned blue economy.

AC Biode


The Japanese company recycles ash from biomass power plants into multifunctional chemical composites, such as filters, masks, soil improvement, water treatment, paint, absorbents for oil spills in the area. 'ocean, cosmetics / beauty products, etc.



The Russian startup has developed a new material technology that makes it possible to create reliable, durable and artificial floating islands of any size, even in the open sea.

Coral Artefact Science & Technology


Corail Artefact is an art-science-industry-education project to save the barrier reefs.

Earthwake business


The French startup has developed pyrolysis equipment capable of transforming plastic waste into energy before it reaches the oceans. This is Chrysalis.

Eco Wave Power


The Israeli startup has developed an innovative and patented onshore technology for the generation of clean electricity from ocean and sea waves. The system consists of unique floats, attached to existing marine structures producing energy. from the incoming waves.

EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd.


The Singaporean startup is developing water sanitation and waste management activities, providing solutions for the removal and recovery of petroleum contaminants from water. The technology uses waste biomass for the production of carbon fiber airgel technology providing environmental benefits and waste recovery.

G&G Boatwash


The French start-up is tackling the ecological and economic revolution in fairing: the principle of the car wash, but for boats with brushing afloat. A single objective: the protection of the marine environment by using a mechanical process and eliminating any need for antifouling paint.



The French startup offers an innovative solution to fight against erosion combining eco-design, reuse of resources present on site (avoid concreting), circular economy and technical performance of the application.


French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup offers Moana, a marine drone solution designed to strengthen the resilience of islands and the protection of the oceans. Moana aims to bring out marine drone technology in French Polynesia, by developing every facet of the activity: design, manufacture, operation, training.



The French startup has created the Overboat, an electric boat, equipped with self-regulating foils that allows you to fly above water while consuming very little energy. Completely silent and without rejection, the Overboat respects the marine environment and is accessible to all for many uses.



The French startup designs zero-emission, efficient and intelligent hydrogen-powered passenger and goods transport ships. These catamarans are electro-hydrogen powered from 12 to 24 meters and can carry up to 150 people or around XNUMX tonnes of goods.



The American company links the supply and demand of recycled plastic to prevent plastic waste from entering the ocean. Through our branded partnerships and our premium tracking and tracing technology, we can help support the management and sale of recycled plastic on the islands.



The Guadeloupe startup offers the reuse of wood from pallets and other waste (bottles, tires, etc.) for the creation of objects which would then find new life over several years, in our homes and businesses.


New Caledonia

The Caledonian startup offers inflatable protection intended to store a boat hull in situ on the water and thus prevent marine animals from attaching themselves to the hulls of boats. It is an alternative to antifoulings.

Shores / Waves'n See


The French startup offers its Wavecams® systems which, using beach webcams, allow continuous monitoring of the health of the coastline, by high-frequency measurement of the hydro-sedimentary dynamics of your beach: swell parameters, position of the coast, evolution of sediment stocks.

Sargasse Project

Saint Bartholomew

The Saint-Barthélémy startup aims to convert Sargassum algae into a useful and ecological biomaterial, to become one of the new packaging of tomorrow.

Semantic TS


The French company has developed Seamonitor, a complete, lightweight, easy-to-deploy system for monitoring bathymetry, fishery resources and seabed types. It is the simple and economical way for many communities and port areas to monitor shallow coastal waters.



The Guadeloupe startup offers Solartrio, a new type of solar street furniture, automated and mobile, dedicated to the collection of recyclable packaging from citizens via a financial incentive on the principle of the deposit. Almost 10t of plastic bottles and cans can be collected monthly.

Virtual Dive


The French startup has created OceanStreamer: an underwater videoconferencing solution allowing divers to carry out live broadcasts on the internet in order to share their experiences, discoveries and exploration interactively with internet users connected to a dedicated web platform.

Witt Energy


The British company has created WITT, an energy harvesting system that is easy to deploy and can pick up wave movements and transform them into energy. It can capture the flow of sea, river, tide and even submarine to transform it into electrical energy 24/7.



The French start-up has created the nitiFilter®, a permanent, maintenance-free engine oil filter system that is a pure and simple replacement for the original filter. It allows the oil changes to be significantly spaced out.

Tech 4 One-Health

Innovative solutions to meet the challenge of an integrated approach to good human, animal and environmental health, as well as the evolution of agronomic and fisheries sectors in a context of global changes in the islands.



The German company has developed excellent expertise in the development of enterprise software and a solid background in AI research. They present themselves as a long-term technology partner for startups and innovative companies in the US and across the EU.


French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup is a platform for making medical appointments to facilitate appointment making, patient follow-up and allow better digitalization of medical practices.

Eat me

French Polynesia

The Polynesian startup's mission is to reduce food waste by connecting in real time, through a web platform, traders and users. The objective is for food surpluses and unsold items to be resold in the form of a surprise basket.

Geomatik Karaïb


The Guadeloupe startup has developed Panitan, an appointment and queue manager. The application is intended for professionals because nou pa ni tan pou sa. It is part of the disabled accessibility of places open to the public and in the current context of the fight against the coronavirus.

Independent Living Base


The French startup has designed the Food Container ILB: a system for producing indoor plant foods, both in and out of the ground, in a mobile, modular structure, without chemicals, autonomous in water and energy. The production is done continuously all year round. It can be installed anywhere without any development.

Insight SAS

New Caledonia

The Caledonian start-up has created a solution which, based on the combined use of satellite and meteorological data, allows the monitoring and forecasting of drought in New Caledonia, serving as a tool to support the management of farms and 'decision support for institutional investors.

Neptune Elements


The French startup's mission is to spread the benefits of algae in food and to develop the sector in France and French Polynesia. How? 'Or' What ? By creating the benchmark brand for seaweed-based food products in the world.

The Brando

French Polynesia

The Polynesian company has created an innovative and effective process to fight against mosquitoes that are vectors of diseases (dengue, Zika, etc.). This process eliminates in a sustainable way, and without chemical treatment, the mosquitoes in the infested areas. It is based on an organic approach that respects the environment.