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The Tech4Islands 2021 Preselection Jury

Meet the Preselection Jury, made up of representatives from the world of economy, entrepreneurship, the research and Pacific innovation, in charge of the selection of 16 Finalists of the 4 Tech2021Islands Awards international competition.

Christelle LEHARTEL

Government of French Polynesia

Minister of Education, Modernization of Administration, in charge of Digital

Christelle LEHARTEL

Born December 09, 1964 in Papeete (Tahiti), school teacher since 1988 and school director since 2015, Christelle LEHARTEL was elected municipal councilor of the city of Papara from 2001 to 2020 and assumed the function of mayor of the municipality in 2015 .

Appointed Minister of Education, Youth and Sports from May 2018 to September 2020, she has been Minister of Education, Modernization of the Administration in charge of digital technology since September 17, 2020.

She is notably Chairman of the consultative commission for digital assistance, President of the consultative commission for the support system for audiovisual and digital creation, President of the High Committee for Education, President of the digital economy observatory. and member of the “SMART POLYNESIA” steering committee (COPIL).

The latest digital actions carried out by his ministry: the launch of the distance learning experiment between the Tuamotu archipelago and Tahiti, the Assises du numérique Éducational de Polynesie française, from March 25 to 27, 2021, the launch of the digital library of children's literature ( in February 2021.


Union for the Promotion of Communes of French Polynesia

Mayor of Taputapuatea


Holder of an agricultural diploma, Thomas Moutame taught agriculture for 11 years in the Center for Young Adolescents (CJA).

Mayor of the municipality of Taputapuatea since 1997, he begins his 2021th term in 5. Representative to the Assembly of French Polynesia, he was also Minister of Agriculture. He is the 7th vice-president of the SPCPF in charge of the “school catering” department and the municipal and social catering file.

A fervent defender of organic farming, he advocates the production of local products as well as their reintegration into food, especially that of children. He has created “cooking classes” within his municipality in order to support this approach by developing taste education.

Fervent defender of the sharing and transmission of know-how, he disseminates to other municipalities, in partnership with the CJA of Papeete, the recovery of fish waste in the manufacture of natural and environmentally friendly fertilizers.

Jean-Christophe AUFFRAY

High Commission of the Republic in French Polynesia

Territorial Delegate for Research and Technology

Jean-Christophe AUFFRAY

Holder of a doctorate in evolutionary biology, Jean-Christophe AUFFRAY was recruited as a researcher at the CNRS in 1990. He created and directed the CNRS Research Group “Morphometry and the Evolution of Forms” (2000-2003) then headed, between 2006 and 2013, the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier (ISEM) of the University of Montpellier, the CNRS and the IRD.

He chaired the scientific council of the Ecology and Environment Institute (INEE) of the CNRS (2006-2010) and was in charge of Biodiversity Mission at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (2009-2011).

Before taking up his duties as Territorial Delegate for Research and Technology in French Polynesia in February 2021, Jean-Christophe AUFFRAY made several trips between research and scientific diplomacy as attaché then advisor for science and technology in the French embassies in Israel (2003-2005), Canada (2013-2017) and Japan (2017-2021).

Priscille Tea FROGIER

French Polynesia Research Delegation

Research Delegate

Priscille Tea FROGIER

Doctor of science, specialty organic chemistry, from the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, Priscille Tea FROGIER, with her academic training and her experiences in the administration as well as in ministerial cabinet, takes the direction of the Polynesian service of the research delegation in 2000.

She will be in charge of it until September 2014, when she is called by the President of French Polynesia, Edouard FRITCH, to join his government as Minister of Labor and Social Dialogue, Employment, Vocational Training. , Research and the Status of Women.

She will be entrusted with the responsibility of various portfolios within FRITCH governments during her 6 years of ministerial mandate.

In November 2020, she returned to the head of the research delegation, a service in French Polynesia whose main mission is "to prepare, coordinate, animate and monitor the implementation of French Polynesia research policy" .


Pacific Community

Territorial Coordinator PROTEGE for French Polynesia


Doctor in Conservation Geography and specialized in the protection of overseas marine biodiversity, Aurélie THOMASSIN worked for 7 years in the Indian Ocean, based at IRD in Reunion Island on themes such as integrated coastal zone management , social acceptance and governance of marine protected areas.

Responsible for "Marine biodiversity, coral reefs and fishing" at the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition for more than 6 years, she works at national, European and international scales for the defense of biodiversity, especially overseas.

Aurélie manages and coordinates the French Initiative for Coral Reefs (IFRECOR) in consultation with the French Overseas Ministry, as well as the French presidency of the International Initiative for Coral Reefs (ICRI) of 2016 to 2018.

She joined the Pacific Community (CPS) in May 2019 as territorial coordinator of the PROTEGE program (XI regional EDF) for French Polynesia.

Based in Papeete, this new stage responds to its desire to get closer to stakeholders and issues in the field for the implementation of concrete actions for the benefit of Polynesians and the magnificent biodiversity of this region of the world.


La French Tech Polynesia

Founder and CEO


Graduated in 2009 from a Masters in Sociology of Communication and Animation of Territories, Heiura Itae-Tetaa was a journalist and then head of a university course, to later become head of communication and digital marketing and finally self-employed.

After being selected by the CCISM incubator, Prism, to be part of the 3rd promotion of innovative startups in French Polynesia in 2018, she launched her business: Speak Tahiti-Paraparau Tahiti. This year has allowed him to work closely with the various project leaders and to experience the innovative and emerging entrepreneurship of the fenua.

An early member of the French Tech Polynesia association, she was chosen last June to chair La French Tech Polynesia.

Gerard SIU

Maritime Cluster of French Polynesia


Gerard SIU

Founding member and president of the Maritime Cluster of French Polynesia from 2014 to 2020, Gérard SIU is a recognized entrepreneur in French Polynesia. He is a recipient of the Medal of Maritime Merit.

A graduate of the University of Berkeley, California, in psychology and business administration, he has co-founded numerous companies in various sectors. His areas of expertise are maritime, construction materials, logistics and transport.

As part of his professional representation functions, he is also a founding member of the Tai Moana nautical union and of the Cooperative of French Polynesian aquaculturists.

Gérard SIU has been one of the main active promoters, for years, of the maritime economy as a motor of the economic autonomy of Polynesia.


Tahiti Tourism



After studying Hotel Management and Tourism, Jean-Marc MOCELLIN made his career in international luxury hotel chains which first took him to London where he was recruited upon leaving his studies. He specializes in opening Sheraton hotels in Benin, Nigeria, Gabon and Egypt by climbing the hierarchical ladder.

He joined the Shangri-la group in Fiji in the operational management of the largest resort of the time, the Shangri-la's Fijian resort, then the General Management of the Shangri-la in Nadi.

He then went to Tahiti where he was passionate about Polynesia for 23 years taking the head of the legendary Beachcomber which he renovated, enlarged and converted into Intercontinental Resort Tahiti while being co-president of the hoteliers.

The need for a new challenge in Asia led him to leave again to take the direction of the Intercontinental Hua Hin in Thailand, then he signed to open the Intercontinental PhuQuoc in Vietnam.

The opportunity to take over the management of Nouvelle-Calédonie Tourisme on his native island decided him to reorient his career. He thus became involved in destination marketing by taking the post of CEO of New Caledonia Tourism.

Since April 6, 2020, in the midst of a health crisis, Jean-Marc MOCELLIN has taken up the challenge of taking the head of Tahiti Tourisme.

Caroline MESSIN


Pacific Territorial Delegate

Caroline MESSIN

After legal studies supplemented by a diploma from the Institute of Banking Techniques, Caroline MESSIN began her professional career in a commercial function for professional customers and then companies.

In 2000, she joined BDPME, which became Bpifrance after 10 years of experience in 2 network banks. She joined the Île-de-France network as a business manager then finance delegate.

After 20 years at the same time, she went to head office to take care of new products within the development and marketing department (green loan, reindustrialization aid, Eco Energy loan, etc.). She then leads, under the responsibility of the network director, a team in charge of running the network. She is in charge of IT project management, creating new tools and new applications to simplify the daily life of employees (digital journey, online loan application, etc.), monitoring of the commercial action plan, etc.

Caroline MESSIN chooses to return to the network in September 2019 on a job creation and becomes Pacific regional delegate. His background allows him to set up Bpifrance and market the range of products available in the region. It covers New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna. It reports to the Overseas Network Department headed by Dominique CAIGNART.

Christophe CARBOU

Innovative Business Incubator and Accelerator ADECAL Technopole de Nouvelle-Calédonie

Director of the Innovation Department

Christophe CARBOU

Scientifically trained, Christophe CARBOU started his career in startup mode by participating in the creation of an engineering and characterization laboratory for innovative materials, then joined a regional incubator to simultaneously and as a team lead an academic incubator. in Poitiers, an image and video game incubator in Angoulême, a generalist incubator in La Rochelle and finally an ESS incubator in Niort.

In 2014, he took up his post in New Caledonia to start, 'from scratch' with local players, an ambitious trajectory of innovation in the Pacific island environment.

Director of the New Caledonian Innovation Pole, Christophe propels incubation and acceleration programs in the Caledonian territory. It is now more than 62 Startups supported and the first international successes.

Christophe also supports local authorities, consulars, support structures and funders in the construction of the local innovation ecosystem.

Annaïg LE GUEN

CNRS, CRIOBE, member of the RESIPOL Consortium

Director of CRIOBE

Annaïg LE GUEN

Engineer in Mechanics and Energetics, doctor in physics (aero and hydro-dynamics) Annaïg LE GUEN worked in the private sector (Porsche in Germany, IBM, BNP PARIBAS). At the end of 2006, she joined the CNRS to set up a coordination unit for interdisciplinary research programs.

Annaïg worked on "Very Large Research Infrastructures" at the CNRS then at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. From 2014 to the end of 2018, she headed a Research Unit in French Guiana where she managed the Nouragues International Research Station and set up the coastal environment study station project.

Since 2019, appointed Director of CRIOBE, a service and research unit located in Perpignan and French Polynesia where the International Experimental Ecology Station is located, Annaïg LE GUEN has implemented a strategy of the Research Unit whose projects focus on “The coral reefs of tomorrow”.


University of French Polynesia

Vice-President of the Research Commission


Professor in marine ecology at the University of French Polynesia and Vice-President for Research, she has set up and runs a voluntary policy for the promotion of research and innovation.

Author of numerous international publications, his research focuses on the ecophysiology of bivalves and the interactions between aquaculture and the environment.

Nabila has been coordinating for more than 20 years, interdisciplinary and multi-actor projects on the management of marine resources (aquaculture, fishing), and on the transfer / pooling of knowledge. His work also concerns questions of plastic pollution and the search for alternative solutions (biomaterials).

Driven by a desire to transmit and restore knowledge, and considering that science must be useful and usable, it has been involved for many years in scientific communication.

Neil davies

Berkeley University of California Gump South Pacific Research Station


Neil davies

Neil DAVIES is a graduate of the University of Oxford and the University of London. He is director of the South Pacific Gump Research Station at the University of California, Moorea and an Affiliate Researcher at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. He is also one of the founding directors of the Tetiaroa Society association and of the “Blue Climate Initiative”.

Neil initiated the first genetic sequencing of an entire tropical island. He is a member of the board of directors of the “Genomics Standards Consortiu” and co-author of the book “Biocode: The New Age of Genomics” (Oxford University Press).

With his colleagues from Berkeley, CNRS, ETH Zurich, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Oxford, he launched the IDEA Consortium in 2013 which targets the construction of "digital twins" (avatars) of social-ecological systems for help local populations achieve their goals in terms of sustainable development.

In 2018, he co-founded the company “EvolutionXD” (based in San Francisco) which uses “blockchain” technology to promote the sharing of scientific data and the development of “community data trusts”.

Hervé Teivitau VARET

Louis Malardé Institute



An engineer by training (Advanced IT - ESE), Hervé Teivitau VARET participated from his return to Polynesia in the implementation of outstanding IT solutions for the Administration of French Polynesia.

At the initiative of the first Geographic Information System (GIS) for the management of marine resources and pearl culture in French Polynesia, carried out in the 1990s from base maps derived from spatial images, it led in the early 2000s the computerization project of the Land Affairs Department which will lead to the implementation of the main management applications (cadastre, genealogy, receipt and conservation of mortgages), thus allowing easier access to documents of major importance for the resolution of land issues for the Polynesian population.

Appointed in 2001, head of the IT department of French Polynesia (SIPF), he will work to stabilize the large community management applications and initiate the ISO 9001 certification of SIPF.

From 2007, he oriented his career towards the budget and forecasting professions. He is the promoter of the performance approach of the Government of French Polynesia and from 2012 will set up annual performance projects and annual performance reports for the community.

Since 2018, he has been Director General of the Louis Malardé Institute, a public research and public health establishment whose involvement is major in the management of the Covid health crisis in French Polynesia.


Environment and energy management agency

Responsible for “Renewable energies, sustainable development”


A graduate of the National School of Public Works of the State and of the University of Grenoble, Alexandre TROUVILLIEZ obtained his doctorate at the University of Grenoble on the border between atmospheric physics and glaciology.

He continued his research work as a research engineer at the Center for Studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Planning (Cerema) before joining the French Southern and Antarctic Lands ( TAAF). He simultaneously serves as head of the logistics and supply department, deputy to the district chief of the Scattered Islands and head of southern missions.

In 2019, he joined French Polynesia, the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe) and the High Commission of the Republic where he supports environmental policies.

Stephane RENARD

Island Tourism Strategy


Stephane RENARD

Resident for nearly 20 years on the island of Raiatea, Stéphane Renard is one of the co-founders in 2007 of the company Archipelagoes, present in Polynesia and New Caledonia, specializing in sector development at the confluence of tourism and maritime. For the past 15 years, he has participated in various initiatives to structure sectors in French Polynesia and in the South Pacific.

As such, he has been co-founder and coordinator of the Tahiti Cruise Club (French Polynesia Cruise Club) since 2009; co-founder and secretary general of the South Pacific Cruise Alliance from 2011 to 2017; co-founder and coordinator of the Maritime Cluster of French Polynesia since 2014; in charge of tourism mission with the Community of Communes of the Marquesas Islands (CODIM) from 2013 to 2015.

In addition, he is in charge of a technical assistance mission for the deployment of the “2015-2020 Tourism Development Strategy” with the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of French Polynesia since January 2017. He also coordinates the development participation of the new 2021-2025 tourism strategy “Fāri'ira'a Manihini 2025”, since 2020.