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Our experts of the 2021 Final Jury

Meet the iconic personalities and experts in international innovation, the environment and the oceans, who participate in the Final Jury of our great international competition Tech4Islands Awards.


Korelya Capital

Former Minister & Co-founder


Co-founder and associate director of the investment fund KORELYA CAPITAL, Fleur PELLERIN is the first personality of Asian origin to have been a minister in a French government.

Referendum advisor to the Court of Auditors from 2003 to 2016 and president of the 2010st Century Club from 2012 to 2012, Fleur PELLERIN was appointed Minister of SMEs Innovation and Digital Economy in XNUMX , that's when she launched the initiative French Tech.

Secretary of State in charge of Foreign Trade, Tourism Development and French people living abroad in April 2014, she was appointed Minister of Culture and Communication in the second government of Manuel Valls from August 26, 2014 to February 11, 2016 A few months after leaving the government, she left the senior civil service to join the private sector by taking the head of an investment fund.

Fleur is a graduate of ESSEC, the Institute of Political Studies and the National School of Administration.


French Tech Mission

Head of Community


Marie VILON is Head of Community of the French Tech Mission. Expert in communities, marketing & digital communication, she is responsible for the communities of the French Tech network in France and abroad.

Born in Paris, Marie is a globetrotter who has lived in 4 French cities, 6 countries abroad and visited more than 70 countries.

Marie first cut her teeth in French media, as an Image Journalist then Community Manager, before turning to the digital ecosystem, by creating the digital team of a startup.

Her passion for tech and the international then led her to Dublin, to Google, as responsible for the communities and programs of experts produced in EMEA and LATAM. In the meantime, she is implementing the Social Media strategy for the Cannes Festival.

Back in Paris, she developed the digital training program “Google Ateliers Numériques” and managed Google's partnership with the Paris Peace Forum.

She joined French Tech in 2019, as Head of French Tech Community.

Cameron DIVER

Pacific Community

Deputy General Director

Cameron DIVER

Cameron DIVER has served as Deputy Director General of the Pacific Community (SPC) since October 2013. From January 2021, he is responsible for international partnerships, resource mobilization and the integration of sustainable development programs . He also manages the network of decentralized offices of SPC, as well as that of the Directorate of Operations and Management. Previously he was also responsible for the following divisions and cooperation programs: Fisheries, aquaculture and marine ecosystems, Climate change and environmental sustainability, Public health, Statistics for development.

Prior to taking up his post at SPC, Cameron DIVER held, among others, the following functions: Coordinator of regional cooperation and external relations in the government of New Caledonia, Adviser to the member of the government of New Caledonia in charge of budget, taxation, digital economy, audiovisual communication, higher education and research, lawyer and international arbitration assistant to Sir David AR Williams QC at Bankside Chambers (Auckland, New -Zeeland). He was a lecturer in constitutional law, administrative litigation and climate litigation at the University of New Caledonia, and lecturer at numerous international events.

The Pacific Community (SPC) is the main intergovernmental organization with a scientific and technical mandate in the Pacific, proudly supporting the development of the region since 1947. An international development assistance organization, SPC is a common home for its 26 States and Member territories which ensure its governance.


Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environmental Program



Kosi LATU, General Director of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP), leads the first intergovernmental agency for the Pacific environment. SPREP was established by Treaty in 1993 to provide environmental technical support to the Pacific region.

SPREP has 26 member governments including 5 metropolitan members and 21 Pacific island countries and territories. An accredited entity to the Adaptation Fund and Green Climate Fund SPREP has key priority areas in climate change resilience; island and ocean ecosystems; waste management and pollution control; and environmental monitoring and governance. Kosi LATU previously served as SPREP's Deputy Director General.

Before joining SPREP Kosi LATU was the Manager of the UNOPS Financial Compliance Program at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. He also worked for the Commonwealth Secretariat for 11 years in the roles of Special Legal Adviser and Head of the Legal and Economic Division; and Deputy Director for the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Division.

A graduate of Canterbury University, Kosi LATU expertise is in international environmental law, law of the sea and financial compliance


Association of Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTA)

Coordinator of the OCTA Secretariat


Pablo LOPEZ-HERRERIAS has been the Coordinator of the Secretariat of the Association of Overseas Countries and Territories since November 2019.

Consultant in development cooperation since 2001, he has worked in more than fifty countries around the world, particularly in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, as well as in Overseas Countries and Territories. .

Pablo LOPEZ-HERRERIAS has worked on behalf of large cooperation companies as program director and had the opportunity to lead programs of up to 110 million euros in trade, the private sector, agriculture or the peach.

His experience in the European Commission enriched his career at the start of his career.

Pablo LOPEZ-HERRERIAS has founded several companies and works, among other things, in new technologies.

Holder of a degree in history from the Complutense University of Madrid (with an Erasmus at the Free University of Brussels), as well as an MBA from the Solvay Busisness School in Brussels, Pablo LOPEZ-HERRERIAS is fluent in Spanish, English , French and Portuguese.

Tearii Te Moana ALPHA

Government of French Polynesia

Vice-President and Minister of Agriculture, Blue Economy and Domain, in charge of Research

Tearii Te Moana ALPHA

Doctor of science, specialty organic chemistry, Tearii Te Moana ALPHA served under the flag as a candidate for the Marine Infantry Regiment of Fréjus, before starting his teaching career at the University of French Polynesia.

He became involved in politics in 1998, as chief of staff of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the government of French Polynesia. Head of the Local Development Delegation from 2001 to 2003, he became the first Director of the public establishment “Vanille de Tahiti” in 2003.

Tearii Te Moana ALPHA was appointed Minister of Fisheries and Pearl Culture in October 2014, then was entrusted with the responsibility of various ministerial portfolios within the Flosse, Temaru, Tong Sang and Fritch governments.

In September 2020, Tearii Te Moana ALPHA becomes Vice-President of the Government of French Polynesia, Minister of Agriculture, Blue Economy and Domain, in charge of Research.

Elected representative to the Assembly of French Polynesia continuously since 2008, Tearii Te Moana ALPHA has been the mayor of the municipality of Teva I Uta since April 2014, reelected in 2020 in the first round.

Christelle LEHARTEL

Government of French Polynesia

Minister of Education, Modernization of Administration, in charge of Digital

Christelle LEHARTEL

Born December 09, 1964 in Papeete (Tahiti), school teacher since 1988 and school director since 2015, Christelle LEHARTEL was elected municipal councilor of the city of Papara from 2001 to 2020 and assumed the function of mayor of the municipality in 2015 .

Appointed Minister of Education, Youth and Sports from May 2018 to September 2020, she has been Minister of Education, Modernization of the Administration in charge of digital technology since September 17, 2020.

She is notably Chairman of the consultative commission for digital assistance, President of the consultative commission for the support system for audiovisual and digital creation, President of the High Committee for Education, President of the digital economy observatory. and member of the “SMART POLYNESIA” steering committee (COPIL).

The latest digital actions carried out by his ministry: the launch of the distance learning experiment between the Tuamotu archipelago and Tahiti, the Assises du numérique Éducational de Polynesie française, from March 25 to 27, 2021, the launch of the digital library of children's literature (www.ebooks.education.pf) in February 2021.


Fabernovel & Grande École du Numérique

Co-founder & CEO


French entrepreneur and activist in the digital, cultural and creative industries, Stéphane DISTINGUIN heads the Fabernovel group that he created in 2003.

Fabernovel now has 450 talents on 4 continents (Europe, US, Asia, Africa) and supports nearly 80% of the CAC40 as well as major international groups in their digital transformation and their innovation trajectory.

Fabernovel also launches and supports startups such as Digitick, KissKissBankBank, Morning - Bureaux to share or Urban Campus.

At the origin of many projects or devices for players in the digital economy in Europe or the United States, Stéphane DISTINGUIN chairs the Grande École du Numérique, which trains no less than 10.000 young people each year in digital professions.

He was part of the expert group tasked by the Government in 2018 with proposing changes to the system of direct aid for innovation.


French Maritime Cluster

Co-founder & CEO


President of the French Maritime Cluster, Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan was Senior Vice-President of the International Association of Maritime Pilots and as such sat on the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Member of numerous bodies such as the Superior Council of the Merchant Marine, the Superior Council of Seafarers, the Executive Council of Shipowners of France or the Carrefour of port professions at the French Ports Union, he is also Reserve frigate Captain (RCit) of the French Navy.

With numerous associative commitments turned towards the sea, Frédéric Moncany de Saint-Aignan is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Society for Sea Rescue and Officer of the board of the International Propeller Club of Rouen and the European Association of Propeller Clubs.

Captain of 1st Class of Maritime Navigation and former pilot of the port of Rouen, he is also an officer of Maritime Merit.


Digital For The Planet



Inès LEONARDUZZI has spent 10 years supporting companies and parliamentarians in the digital strategy in France and abroad. She is CEO of Digital For The Planet, a company focused on the development of sustainable deep tech, and a visiting professor at HEC and Telecom Paris Tech.

She is a director of companies in the field of renewable energy and an associate member of the National Institute of Circular Economy.

In 2019, she launched with MP Pierre-Alain Raphan the collective “IA for My People”, an inclusive educational project aimed at democratizing the challenges of artificial intelligence among the French.

Inès LEONARDUZZI is elected by several media future economic leader (La Tribune, Choiseul, Technikart, Elle Magazine…) and ranked among the digital geniuses by the economic magazine Capital.

She was selected in the prestigious Young Leader program of the Franco-British Embassy in London and Paris.


Overseas Network

Co-founder & CEO


Daniel Hierso is President and co-founder of the Outre-Mer Network, Vice-President of La Nouvelle PME.

He has directed and organized the JDS sessions since 2014.

Very involved in popularizing entrepreneurship in the so-called priority neighborhoods of the city and in Overseas France, Outre-Mer Network has helped to create a physical network for more than 4.600 entrepreneurs, advised and or funded more than 400 projects since 2009.

Daniel Hierso also co-founded with Said Hammouche and Aude de Thuin, the “Osons la banlieue” Forum in 2015.



Founding President


Raphaëla le Gouvello is a world renowned personality for her commitment to the protection of the ocean for many years.

An accomplished sportswoman in windsurfing with three solo ocean crossings to her credit, she is also a veterinary and university doctor, IUCN expert, international scientist, recognized in integrated management of the sea and coast, ecosystem approaches, and the sustainability of sea-related activities, in particular aquaculture.

Raphaëla defended in 2019 a thesis on the circular economy applied to a socio-ecological system dependent on fishing, with the AMURE laboratory in Plouzané. She carries out her professional activities through her consulting, services, expertise, research and development company, STERMOR.

On a surf, as well as in her research, her journey proves her passion and commitment to the ocean, the challenges for the coast both on an environmental level and on a social and economic level.

Raphaëla is thus actively involved, as part of her expert activities, in the international IUCN project, AquaCoCo “Aquaculture, Conservation and Coastal communities”, supported by the French Development Agency, and which made the subject of the film in Zanzibar “A Common Challenge - Aquaculture and Marine Conservation”.


Ocean and Climate Platform



Raphaël CUVELIER is Vice-President of the Ocean and Climate Platform, one of the most important international civil society networks which aims to promote the major role of the ocean in the face of climate challenges. He is in charge of advocacy and international action and chairs the Sea'ties initiative which promotes the solutions developed by coastal cities and their territories in the face of sea level rise.

Until recently, he was director of programs for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, of which he participated in the creation. There he developed numerous projects relating to the ocean and the polar regions. He notably played a key role in the proposal made to the IPCC to produce a Special Report on the Ocean and the Cryosphere. He created The Med Fund, dedicated to financing Mediterranean marine protected areas.

He was associate director of INSEP Consulting, one of the largest management consulting firms, counting among its clients some of the largest groups in the industry and services such as Michelin, Bosch, PSA, Chanel and Sanofi.

Agricultural engineer, specialized in phytosociology and tropical ecology, he worked on research programs on pastoralism in Niger with Fulani and Tuareg nomads. Elected member of the Jura Chamber of Agriculture, he was one of the pioneers in the development of organic farming in France.


Fondation Solar Impulse

Head of Outreach


With nearly ten years of experience in the cleantech industry, Victoria SMANIOTTO now leads the Solar Impulse Foundation's Outreach team, driving the adoption of cost-effective solutions to protect the environment.

Victoria left France to study international business and social enterprises at HEC Montreal in 2010, she discovered the cleantech sector through her first job as a market development analyst for a clean refrigeration company in 2012 to 2014, and strengthened his understanding of the strategic opportunities and challenges of the sector by working within the Quebec cleantech cluster, Ecotech Quebec, from 2014 to 2020.

One of her missions was to support the internationalization of Quebec cleantech SMEs, she then joined the International Cleantech Network as executive secretary in 2016 and also launched and managed Canada Cleantech from 2016 to 2020.

His experience in building ecosystems and managing stakeholders in the cleantech sector has enabled the Solar Impulse Foundation to forge strategic partnerships with cleantech clusters globally, helping the Solar Impulse Foundation to achieve its goal of identifying 1 efficient solutions around the world.

Thomas Fouquet

CNES - National Center for Space Studies

Advisor to the Director - in charge of Innovation, Applications and Science

Thomas Fouquet

Thomas Fouquet is an Engineer, Doctor of Physics and holds an MBA.

After a career as a researcher (plasma physics applied to fusion energy) and entrepreneur in technologies (co-founders of companies in biotech, digital, in particular) in California, Thomas joined CNES in June 2017 as Advisor to the Director - Innovation, Applications & Science.

Dominique CAIGNART


Director of Overseas

Dominique CAIGNART

After commercial studies, Dominique CAIGNART carried out his entire professional career as Chargés d'Affaires, Regional Delegate then Regional Director within the CEPME network and then the BDPME.

In 2001, he took charge of the animation and commercial support of the BDPME National Network, then was appointed in mid-2005 Director of the OSEO Île-de-France Network.

From 2012 to 2020 he headed the IDF / DOM Networks of Bpifrance. He was then appointed in mid-2020, Overseas Director of the Bpifrance group.

He is also a Director of BPIFRANCE REGIONS.

Johann remaud

Business France

Overseas Coordinator & National Institutional Network Animation

Johann remaud

With 20 years of experience in international support, including 10 years accumulated, dedicated to overseas companies, Johann leads the network of business partners and coordinates the development strategy of Business France, the Team France Export and the France Invest Team for Overseas Territories in conjunction with local and national institutional players.

Salwa TOKO

National Digital Council

Past President

Salwa TOKO

Salwa TOKO is the founder and president of the association BECOMTECH, and Past President of the National Digital Council.

The CNNum is responsible for studying digital issues, in particular the challenges and prospects for the digital transition of society, the economy, organizations, public action and regions. It is placed with the Secretary of State responsible for digital.

After a career in West Africa, Salwa worked in Paris for the Agir contre exclusion Foundation (FACE), where she launched the Wifilles program, which aims to reduce the gender gap in the sectors of and engineering.

BECOMTECH was created with one and the same objective: to build the first European pipeline of future women engineers.

BECOMTECH strives to educate, inspire and equip high school girls and women with the skills and resources to seize the opportunities of the high-tech industry.


Overseas Ecological Transition Institute

Co-founder & CEO


After an early career as a journalist and producer, Stéphane MURIGNIEUX evolved in communication and founded Septième Sens, the benchmark agency dedicated to the world of nature, discovery, and explorers who were ambassadors in the 90s of what would become the ecology and then sustainable development.

He created and managed the Professional Travel division at Voyageurs du Monde, before joining the General Management of the Sylvain Augier Foundation, for the preservation of landscapes and environmental education, then the National Institute of Circular Economy in quality of DGA in 2017.

In 2019, he founded the OCCE, European Federation of the Circular Economy and since November 2019 has chaired IEDOM - Institute for the Ecological Transition of Overseas Territories.
Think and Do Tank is a multi-stakeholders dedicated to the Circular Economy and the Energy Transition composed of the many stakeholders, the DOM and the island territories, the EDITOM is the partner of the FEDOM, the ADEME, the ministry of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition , the Ministry of Overseas and ultra-marine communities.

The MTES appoints him in 2020 Mediator of the deployment of the deposit in Guadeloupe.


La French Tech Polynesia

Founder and CEO


Graduated in 2009 from a Masters in Sociology of Communication and Animation of Territories, Heiura Itae-Tetaa was a journalist and then head of a university course, to later become head of communication and digital marketing and finally self-employed.

After being selected by the CCISM incubator, Prism, to be part of the 3rd promotion of innovative startups in French Polynesia in 2018, she launched her business: Speak Tahiti-Paraparau Tahiti. This year has allowed him to work closely with the various project leaders and to experience the innovative and emerging entrepreneurship of the fenua.

An early member of the French Tech Polynesia association, she was chosen last June to chair La French Tech Polynesia.