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LA FRENCH TECH POLYNÉSIE, convergence of the innovative forces of the PRIVATE, ACADEMIC and PUBLIC sectors of French Polynesia, propels its Tech4Islands dynamic, innovation BY and FOR the islands, on a regional and global scale, in favor of island development more self-sufficient, sustainable, inclusive and resilient.

Convergence of innovation forces of French Polynesia, the LA FRENCH TECH POLYNÉSIE Association brings together startupers et innovative entrepreneurs Polynesians, interacting with large companies, the university, the researchers, all of the private, academic and public actors of the innovation ecosystem of French Polynesia (University of French Polynesia, Consortium RESIPOL - Research Higher Education Innovation for Polynesia -, Maritime Cluster of French Polynesia, CCISM and its incubator PRISM, Startup Club Tahiti, OPEN - Organization of Digital Economy Professionals from French Polynesia, SOFIDEP ...) as well as institutions, investors, partners et ambassadors.

Goal : Make Polynesia a land of innovation, a space where startups can be born, grow and become flourishing businesses.

La French Tech Polynesia

Join the force of innovation!

La French Tech Polynesia positions itself as the Tech4Islands Hub that it initiated to bring out, support and propel internationally, on the Indo-Pacific axis, innovative Tech For Good solutions that are more ecological for the Planet, and thus allow the development of interconnected Smart Islands, inclusive, united and creating new jobs, with the aim to:

  • Preserve their environment, biodiversity and oceans

  • Strengthen their production autonomy through the rational use of their resources

  • Foster the development of clean and renewable energy

  • Prioritize the success of the digital inclusion of island societies, while respecting their culture and traditional knowledge

  • Enhance their resilience to climate change.

Welcome to the "FAIR.E" (to do)

Federate, Accelerate, Innovate, Relay and Engage.

La French Tech Polynesia it is also the spearhead of entrepreneurial dynamics which will make it possible to position French Polynesia on a long-term basis as a attractive and innovative digital ecosystem in its Pacific regional environment.

La French Tech Polynesia thus commits to the objectives of La French Tech for shine an ecosystem that drives progress and carries values ​​while appropriating issues related to its island environment around an axis of development “Smart Islands”.

Follow us!

Federate: "Alone we go faster, together we go further"

African proverb

French Polynesia is full of talents who carry today a new entrepreneurial dynamic. It pushes them to innovate, to offer new services to people, to develop new technologies, to invent solutions for a more inclusive and united society.

Convergence of the innovative forces of French Polynesia, the Association La French Tech Polynesia brings together Polynesian startups and innovative entrepreneurs, in interactions with large companies, academics, researchers, all private, academic and public actors in the innovation ecosystem of French Polynesia (University of French Polynesia, Consortium RESIPOL - Research Higher Education Innovation for Polynesia -, Maritime Cluster of French Polynesia, CCISM and its incubator PRISM, Startup Club Tahiti, OPEN - Organization of Digital Economy Professionals of French Polynesia, SOFIDEP ...) as well as institutional investors, investors , partners and ambassadors.

Members of La French Tech Polynesia undertake to share the values ​​and vision of French Tech public action and to play a leading role in achieving its objectives on a global scale and on the Indo-Pacific strategic axis of France, an archipelago country.

Aspeed up: “The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

La French Tech Polynesia aims to accelerate the development of startups as sources of technological innovation and growth, while respecting the “Tech for Good” values ​​of the French Tech Communities, while appropriating the constraints related to its island environment around a “Smart Islands” development axis.

La French Tech Polynesia thus prepares the soil to allow young fenua shoots to grow and expand internationally:

  1. Encourage collaborative innovation to develop more agile working methods and a culture of proactive innovation.
  2. Coordinate support, mentoring, incubation and acceleration structures for startups in French Polynesia and support private initiatives for the acceleration of our innovation ecosystem.
  3. Facilitate and amplify exchanges between startups, companies, public operators and administrations on the principle of Open Innovation.
  4. Establish international bridges, and in particular forge entrepreneurial links with the Countries and Territories of our Oceanic region, in particular our neighbors of New Caledonia.


A collective led by entrepreneurs, La French Tech Polynesia will also work in convergence with the public authorities on the implementation of legal and financial conditions favorable to the development of the innovation ecosystem and the growth of innovative companies, including the actions already programmed in the plan d digital actions of the Country - Smart Polynesia:

  1. Establishment of the “Pacific DigiPol” innovation zone bringing together incubator, innovative companies, training structures for digital professions, research center, coworking spaces, etc.
  2. Continue financial assistance from DAD, Digital Aid Device, in the context of the development of startups.
  3. Tax incentives dedicated to the digital sector, to encourage job creation.
  4. Financing products dedicated to digital projects: specific SOFIDEP products, subsidized bank loans, envelope dedicated to digital projects within the framework of the Polynesia Initiative device.
  5. Extend Bpifrance financial products to Polynesian companies through SOFIDEP, and in particular the French Tech scholarships.
  6. Recurrent calls for projects formulas, by organizing challenges intended to enhance, promote and reward innovative projects or creators of added value.
  7. Creation of an Innovation Support Fund.
  8. Simplification of procedures for startups and evolution of the status of SJSC (simplified joint stock company) and SSMJSC (simplified single-member joint stock company).
  9. Incentives dedicated to the emergence of a regional Business Angels network.

Innovate: “Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Whatever you dream of doing, start it. Boldness has genius, power and magic." already wrote Goethe. And daring, much more is needed today, at this turning point in the digital revolution which is transforming our business models and disrupting the value chain to propel a new economy of innovation and sharing.

“The emergence and then the supremacy of innovative business models and services require traditional players to transform. And they show the way to take because these new players mobilize long-term vision and strategic choices that will shape the future. ” explains Stéphane Distinguin, CEO of FABERNOVEL, support from the start of French Tech Polynesia.

The innovation dynamic, of all innovations, whether “deep”, “high” or “low” Tech, must be encouraged and valued. It is also the objective of La French Tech Polynesia : bring together the innovation forces of the Polynesian ecosystem while ensuring environmental and societal impacts for our archipelagos.

In “land of innovation”, there is “Land”, nourishing land, mother land for the Polynesian people. It is even more urgent for our islands scattered in the middle of the great ocean to protect our natural heritage and to ensure the sustainability of our resources and raw materials.

La French Tech Polynesia promotes the interconnection of our islands and their evolution towards an economic model of Smart Islands. The challenge of the Smart Islands is to develop intelligent, enterprising, efficient and inclusive island societies, creating new jobs and sustainable, united and resilient development.

Sharing economy, functionalities, circular economy are all development courses for our island economies, based on the active participation of our authorities, citizens, entrepreneurs and researchers.

The Smart Islands allow innovative ecosystems prototyping, so they have the opportunity to become the new global innovation hubs.

La French Tech Polynesia also aims to become the hub of sustainable and resilient innovation BY and FOR the islands and to deploy “Tech for Good” in the heart of Oceania, by sharing the values ​​and vision of French Tech public action in the 'international scale and particularly on the Indo-Pacific strategic axis of France, an archipelago country.

European portal in the center of the South Pacific, with a time difference of 12 hours from France and Europe, French Polynesia is undoubtedly a great opportunity for international companies wishing to have business continuity for 24 hours.

With the Honotua international high-speed submarine cable, the installation of the Natitua inter-island domestic cable and the international Manatua security cable, French Polynesia will have suitable infrastructure to accommodate the brains and champions of world tech in 24H, Follow the Sun strategy.

Rayonner: Join the powerful network of French Tech Communities around the world

To be a part of a French Tech Community is to join the powerful international network of The French Tech animated by dozens of communities organized independently, in France and abroad.

La French Tech Polynesia will thus have active and qualified relays to boost the visibility of our innovation ecosystem in the world, highlight our innovative companies, attract and reassure investors, and benefit from the help of the French Tech Mission, its contacts and of its programs to help fenua startups gain a foothold in new markets.

Engage: “Give as much as you take and everything will be fine”

Maori proverb - Ko Maru kai atu Ko Maru kai mai ka ngohe ngohe

To take off, an ecosystem needs the commitment of all its stakeholders. The startups and innovative entrepreneurs who are a part of it, such as investors, large companies, incubators and accelerators, universities, research organizations, consular organizations and of course the public authorities have an essential role to play as facilitators .

Originally, the ecosystem is an ecological notion: “Together formed by a community of living beings in interrelation (biocenosis) with its environment (biotope). The components of the ecosystem develop a dense network of dependencies, exchanges of energy, information and matter allowing the maintenance and development of life. "

The same goes for a Community of startups and innovative entrepreneurs. Through everyone's commitment, it must have positive repercussions for the whole. As French Tech emphasizes: “As much as possible, we give without expecting anything in return. "

La French Tech Polynesia thus commits to respecting four founding principles: trust, kindness, collaboration and sharing among its members.

Building a virtuous network of partners and collaborators requires overturning the traditional model of the competitive market. Your competitors today can become your partners of tomorrow, as long as everyone strives to build complementary ties.

Each of the members of La French Tech Polynesia is one of the links in the entrepreneurial chain and not only contributes to the innovation dynamic of the fenua but also to show the way to the next generations of entrepreneurs.

To maintain and support this dynamic, La French Tech Polynesia supports the engaging events and inspiring initiatives carried by its members to allow the Community to meet and transmit this new culture of innovation and share its "Startup Spirit".

With each year the highlight of the Tech4Islands Summit, an international summit that brings together in Tahiti the best technological solutions BY and FOR the islands, for the RECOVERY of island economies in favor of a more self-sufficient, eco-responsible, sustainable and resilient development model.

“The future is already here. Simply, it is not distributed evenly. " said Robert Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet. French Tech Polynesia welcomes you to FAIR.E(create) the future together now.