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Nayade is an audiovisual production company based on the creation of digital content.

Created in 2003 by Nadia & Yannick Violin, its activity is mainly focused on the entertainment and edutainment sectors.

The design of the productions is developed according to the specific mode of distribution: single or multi-screen, film relief, giant projection, water screen or projection on an architectural building.

Mastery of digital image tools enables Nayade's teams to work on digital special effects for cinema and television productions.


Filmography of recent years

  •  2016 - The World of Teïno: A 10-minute relief film intended for the Dino-Zoo park based in eastern France, this film is shown in an immersive room equipped with 4D effects. Co-production Dino-Zoo & Nayade with the support of the CNC (new technologies in production)
  • 2015 - Time Out: 4mn 6D relief film intended for dynamic cinemas. Co-production Nayade & Triprod.
  • Fountain of Dreams: Animation sequences mapped on an artificial mountain and projected onto a water screen 40m wide for a multimedia show lasting 45 minutes, Wuyshan - China. ECA2 production under the direction of Thierry Nutchey.
  • 2014 - Wings of Time : Sequences with an overall duration of 5 minutes produced in synthetic images for a live show, for the island of Sentosa in Singapore. ECA2 production under the direction of Moïra Shmith.
  • LADY O : Realization of animation sequences in synthetic images for the Futuroscope night show, these sequences are projected on 3 water screens in the middle of aquatic ballet and laser projection. MU-Event production for Futuroscope.
  • Virus Attack: Relief film of 4mn 30s intended for dynamic cinemas, a fantastic journey inside the human body, this film is shown at Futuroscope and at Parc du Pal. Co-production Nayade & R2D1.
  • 2013 - EDU3D : Production of 50 minutes of educational film in relief on the subjects of geology and the history of the arts for national education on the emergence of new educational tools. Production R2D1.
  • Aquapolis & terrapolis : 4D relief films of 6 minutes intended for dynamic cinemas. Co-production Nayade & Triprod.
  • 2012 - Just a Virus: 8-minute relief film describing the mode of contamination by the influenza virus and its operating mode at the cellular level. A film by Dr Esther Schärer-Züblin produced by Interpharma.
  • FIBD projection : Creation of a 5mn clip on Asterix playing trompe-l'oeil with the architecture of the tower of the town hall of Angoulême. 2013 International Comic Strip Festival.
  • 2011 - Honey Day : 10mn relief film describing the life of a hive and the action of bees, explaining the essential role they play in pollination. R2D1- Nayade- Micropolis co-production.
  • 2010 - Mangrove Groove: Sequences produced in synthetic images and rigging of real shots, these sequences are projected on 2 giant water screens, on a stage of more than 600m2 for a night show. ECA2 production for Shenzhen, China.