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EDT ENGIE is resolutely committed to the digital revolution, whether in its customer relations, internal and external communication as well as its business applications.

The Digital Festival Tahiti 2017 is an opportunity for the EDT ENGIE Group to highlight its many digital services and tools, from energy production to the close relationship with its customers.


Digitization at the service of businesses

Our exhibition space will allow you to discover live our tools that facilitate:

  • Supervision of solar and hydraulic energy production in Polynesia,
  • Monitoring your consumption with our remotely readable meters, installed since 2007.

You will also be able to discover our future business applications such as:

  • The placement of energy, making it possible to regulate thermal production thanks to meteorological indicators (analysis of cloud masses, rainfall, etc.),
  • Connected meters for larger-scale deployment using SIGFOX type technologies,
  • Geolocation at your fingertips, thanks to TABITOU.

You will be able to geolocate your home in Tahiti from your counter reference. It is the very first local geolocation tool, developed for our technicians.


EDT ENGIE digitizes the customer relationship with its Online Agency (AEL)

Available to our customers since 2011, the Online Agency (AEL) EDT ENGIE continues to grow, to meet your expectations as closely as possible:

  • Direct shortcuts to the most requested services from the home page: bill settlements, entering an auto reading, energy report.
  • Provision of energy management tools (lamp calculator, choose your power, energy balance, control your consumption, invoice simulation).
  • Educational animation to help you better understand your bill.
  • Boosting animation by setting up games.


The EDT ENGIE group works on a daily basis to develop its interactive digital offers, to simplify your life and constantly improve its customer relationship.

This virtual agency allows you to carry out most of your operations and online payment of your invoices from home, without having to go to one of our physical agencies.

Many of you have already adopted our Online Agency, since in 2016, it totaled: 105 users, 284 sessions and 181 customers subscribed to e-bill.

The EDT ENGIE group works daily to improve its interactive digital offers, with the aim of simplifying your life and constantly improving its customer relationship.

These days will be an opportunity to come and discover our Online Agency and all of our current and future services made available to you by EDT-ENGIE.