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The first major digital event in the Pacific island

Embark on the 360 ​​° experience!

16> 18 March 2017
CCISM of French Polynesia

First edition of the great digital meeting of the island Pacific co-organized by French Polynesia, the Post and Telecommunications Office (OPT), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Services and Trades of French Polynesia (CCISM) . In partnership with Studio Poly3D, the Organization of Digital Economy Professionals (OPEN), the airline company Air Tahiti Nui, and the InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa hotel.

The context


Polynesia has entered the era of digitization, intergenerational, collaborative, connected to objects and teeming with information.

In less than a decade, the world has shifted into a new ultra-connected universe, driven by the acceleration of technological innovations that are disrupting all of our socio-economic models. This 3rd industrial revolution profoundly changes the uses and behavior of the individual, his social interactions, and transforms the commercial relationship and the business model of companies, from multinationals to local commerce.

Polynesia resolutely invests in its digital transition

The opportunity is exceptional for the socio-economic development of French Polynesia, its connection to major international markets, the creation of new jobs, the production of added value and economic, social and cultural wealth.

Polynesia has seized on this, and is resolutely investing in its digital transition: structuring equipment, with a first Honotua high-speed submarine cable, a second cable project to secure international links as well as a new cable to open up its remote archipelagos, the deployment of Fiber Optics, the 4G connection, the implementation of a digital economy development plan, and the launch of diploma courses and new promising sectors.

Digital uses are spreading rapidly, finding a specific echo in the culture and community organization and traditionally collaborative of Polynesian society:

64% of Polynesians are already active Internet users and more than half of the population connects daily to social networks.

The launch of the Digital Festival Tahiti 2017, the first major digital event in the island Pacific, affirms the desire of the public authorities and the forces of French Polynesia to advance and innovate in the understanding and mastery of these new solutions, by opening a field of convergence, sharing of experiences and debates to all digital players in the Pacific region.

A major meeting held every year

Organized by French Polynesia, the OPT (Office des Postes et Télécommunications) and the CCISM (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Services and Trades of French Polynesia), this first Digital Festival will be held from March 16 to 18 2017 in Tahiti.

The first edition of a meeting that will be repeated each year with the ambition of expanding and amplifying.



Artificial intelligence (AI), humanoids, exoskeletons, drones, big data, connected objects (IoT), digital arts, virtual reality, augmented reality, smart homes and cars, smart cities, connected shops, touch screens, contactless m-payments, explosion of mobile uses… Digitization goes beyond the scope of science fiction and deploys its concrete applications in every sector of our daily life.

This first edition of the Digital Festival Tahiti opens wide the doors to the new digital era to introduce its most recent innovations to all audiences in Polynesia and its Pacific region.

The first digital event in the island Pacific, Digital Festival Tahiti is aimed at the general public, but also at professionals and promoters of innovative and promising projects.