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Digital and technological tools at the service of environmental performance

La Polynesienne des Eaux has set up an operational piloting center. A true supervision center, this new tool is built around an organization and expert tools.

At the forefront of technological innovation in its environmental businesses, Polynesian des Eaux provides its customers with a veritable operational control center enabling the performance of water and sanitation services to be improved, as well as offering new services designed to protect the islands, rivers and lagoons of French Polynesia more effectively.

Our desire is to make water and sanitation networks “smarter” by enabling operators to improve their responsiveness to incidents through better anticipation.

  • Read water meters remotely,
  • Monitor the quality of water in the networks in real time,
  • Make the networks more efficient by limiting leaks through real-time monitoring,
  • Limit the risks of pollution, protect citizens from flooding,
  • Plan the renewal of water networks according to their state of obsolescence and their operating conditions ...

All this becomes reality with expert software AQUADVANCED © et ON'CONNECT ©.

New technological solutions have also been developed to assess the environmental quality of the aquatic environment (rivers, lagoons). Measure the physicochemical parameters in real time of a river, lake or lagoon in real time to detect the appearance of pollution as early as possible or to better understand changes in the environment in the face of climate change this is now possible.

For example, we are deploying “acoustic” buoys that allow us to listen to the noises of fish in a marine environment and analyze them to assess environmental quality.

All these technologies will be presented on the Polynesienne des Eaux exhibition space at # DFT2019.