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LeadBees, Technology at the service of Bees and Beekeepers

Winner of the 2019 Special Overseas Prize by Tech4Islands Awards

Find out how the digital tool supports the various players in the beekeeping sector and actively participates in the preservation of biodiversity.


In order to support the beekeeper in the management of his apiary, we collect data on bee colonies and their environment. LeadBees sensors measure various parameters inside the hive itself: temperature and humidity near the young bees, weather, colony activity, vibrations. Other sensors measure the weight of the hive as well as the climate near it.

This valuable information tells us about how bees work and how they interact with their environment. They allow us to analyze their behavior and anticipate potential future needs or problems.



Once the data has been collected, they are sent to a platform that allows the beekeeper to analyze them in a simple and precise way: Where is the development of the colony? Do bees collect nectar which they then turn into honey? Was there any suspicious movement of the hive?

The beekeeper thus has a wide range of digital tools to support him in the good management of his apiary: visit sheets, inventory of equipment, list of tasks, reminders, etc. To help it develop its technical expertise, it has a knowledge base on honey plants, the potential threats to its bees, and publications and reports in the field.

From the breeding of colonies to the honey pot on the shelf, LeadBees supports the various players in the sector at every stage: professional or amateur beekeepers, associations and communities, public bodies, end consumers.