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Digital Festival Tahiti 2019 - Tech4Islands

3rd Meeting of smart islands and lands of innovation

Tech4Islands, innovative solutions for the harmonious, eco-responsible and sustainable development of our islands

The # DFT2019, Digital Festival Tahiti 2019, invites
the general public
to discover the positive innovations of Tech4Islands.

From October 16 to 19, 2019 at the Presidency of French Polynesia

Come explore the solutions of # Tech4Islands and discover the concrete applications of the latest technologies for the harmonious, eco-responsible and sustainable development of our island societies, while respecting our identity and our environment.

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When and for whom?



Opening ceremony at 14 p.m. and afternoon exclusively reserved for professional exchanges, sharing of experiences and business meetings.



Day organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Modernization of the Administration in charge of Digital. Conferences reserved for administrations, institutions and professionals.

Festival opens to the general public at 9 a.m.



General Public Days on Friday October 18, from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m., and Saturday October 19, from 9 a.m. to 13 p.m. Recommended for Schoolchildren on Friday and special Family morning on Saturday.

The big global meeting of the Smart Islands

Interconnecting our islands to meet the major challenges of our island societies and shine internationally

The # Tech4Islands is a great opportunity to open up our islands, to strengthen their resilience, to turn them into interconnected Smart Islands, creators ofnew jobs, inclusive and committed to the development environmentally friendly, innovative and united.

benefits Smart islands at the service of the common good, enterprising and concerned about the social and environmental impact of innovation.

come exchange with emblematic entrepreneurs who are passionate about the challenges of these technologies, imagine their applicability and their potential for our archipelagos, and participate in our workshops creative and disruptive.

Navigate at the heart of our Archipelagos of positive and sustainable innovation: Smart Tourism - Blue Economy - Circular Economy - Public Innovation, take a walk on the Motu de l 'digital inclusion and discover the talents and creativity of our Polynesian startups in the Vallée de la Polynesian Tech.

Experiment, touch, test… Become an actor of your own future!

Our Archipelagos of positive and sustainable innovation



Promote our cultural and natural heritage internationally by using technologies to strengthen our notoriety, enrich our offers and make our islands part of a sustainable tourism approach.

In convergence with the Ministry of Tourism and Tahiti Tourism

  1. Promote the cultural and natural heritage specific to each of our archipelagos internationally by using digital tools and new technologies (Smart Polynesia - Action 54).
  2. Boost our tourist offers by developing original immersive routes thanks to 3D production and new realities augmented, virtual or mixed.
  3. Modernize our data production and analysis tools to enrich our tourism development by being part of a sustainable tourism approach, respectful of the authenticity that makes our islands so attractive.
blue economy


Optimizing the management of our maritime resources, spaces and infrastructures, and improving the production and collection of data to act in favor of the protection of coastal and ocean spaces.

In convergence with the Maritime Cluster of French Polynesia andFrench Agency for Biodiversity

  1. Collect, list and promote data related to the ocean, lagoons, coastline and maritime infrastructure using digital technologies (Smart Polynesia - Action 56)
  2. Optimize the management of our marine resources and improve the production and collection of data related to the fishing and pearl farming sector (Smart Polynesia: Actions 57, 58 et 59)
  3. Initiate innovative projects for the management and protection of our coastal and maritime areas, as well as measuring and monitoring the impact of economic activities on these areas (Smart Polynesia - Action 56)
circular economy


Strengthen our production autonomy through a reasoned use of our resources, improve our energy efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.

In convergence withADEME and Eco-Responsible Polynesian Business Club

  1. Be inspired by the 7 pillars of the circular economy to develop new innovative activities: sustainable procurement, eco-design, territorial industrial ecology, functional economy, responsible consumption, extension of the duration of use (repair or second-hand market), recycling, etc.
  2. Create demand for sustainable and eco-designed products.
  3. Improve our energy efficiency, limit losses and promote the development of clean and renewable energies


Facilitate access to digital technology, improve services to people, dematerialize exchanges and share data (Open Data) to help open up island territories.

In convergence with the Ministry of Modernization of the Administration in charge of Digital

  1. Favor the administrative procedures of our fellow citizens thanks to the dematerialization of exchanges, set up a unique digital identity. (Smart Polynesia - Actions 38 & 39)
  2. Improve the quality of services to people through the intelligent collection and sharing of public and private data (Smart Polynesia - Action 43)
  3. Support the deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected objects for the benefit of companies, professionals and public policies (Smart Polynesia - Action 11)


To avoid a digital divide, the Smart Islands must prioritize the success of digital inclusion for all, including in our remote islands.

In convergence with FACE Polynesia

Digital technology can be a factor of exclusion, but it can also allow a better integration of disadvantaged groups. To avoid a digital divide, the Smart Islands must prioritize the success of digital inclusion for all, including in our remote islands. This is the mission of FACE Polynesia, now a founding member of the “Ultra Digital Hub” which brings together digital inclusion structures from overseas. They are now joining forces to promote digital inclusion through third-party systems, awareness-raising, training and support for uses. Polynesia has launched its pilot project of inclusion by equipping computer hardware (Actions 17, 19, 20 and 21 of the Smart Polynesia Action Plan), it sets up training courses through integration associations, and works on the organization of a repackaging sector for used computer equipment (Action 18 of the Smart Polynesia action plan), with the dual objective of improving the value of equipment out of use and repackaging equipment that is still functional.

Polynesian Tech Valley - French Tech Polynesia community

“The best way to predict the future is to create it! "
In convergence with La French Tech

La Polynesian Tech bring it together Community of startups and innovative entrepreneurs fenua, in interactions with large companies, academics, researchers, all private and public players in the Polynesian digital ecosystem as well as investors, to make French Polynesia a land of innovation.

A new vision of "FAIR.E" (to do), feminine and in action! Made to Federate his talents; Accelerate the growth of its startups by promoting and anticipating their developments; Innovate by involving smart, enterprising and inclusive island societies; Shine to make it known and share it with the rest of the world; and To hire every link in this ingenious and generous transmission chain.

Polynesian Tech, it's the spearhead of entrepreneurial dynamics of Fenua which wants to position French Polynesia in a sustainable way as a digital ecosystem attractive and innovative in its Pacific regional environment.

Polynesian Tech, labeled French Tech Polynesia Community, aims to become the positive innovation hub French and European and to welcome, on this European island located on the strategic Indo-Pacific, the brains and champions of the " Tech For Good ”In the service of common good and concerned about the social and environmental impact innovation.

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