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Wassa is a company specializing in the design of innovative solutions. With its offices in Paris and Hong Kong, Wassa brings together all the creative and technical talents needed to develop digital solutions.

Expert in machine learning and image processing, Wassa analyzes images extracted from cameras (smartphone, webcam, etc.) and collects information and data to offer personalized services available on all platforms.

As part of its image analysis work, Wassa has developed Dencity, a traffic analysis solution for retail.

Dencity allows in particular to identify genres, age groups and to retrieve information concerning the flow of people (user journeys, hot zones, cold zones, etc.)

The challenge, and in particular for retail players, will be to be able to retrieve a new type of data, linked to the behavior of prospects / customers in-store in order to relate them to purchase data, web data, this in the goal of optimizing customer knowledge and user experience.