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Siradel is a publisher of urban infrastructure design and decision support solutions to support territories in their transformations.

For nearly 25 years, Siradel has been developing solutions based on the modeling of cities and territories in 3D, intended for communities and its partners. Hundreds of cities, operators, equipment manufacturers, regulators trust us in more than 60 countries.

We promote a model of co-construction of urban transformation, based on information sharing and on the use that can be made of 3D to understand, calculate, compare, and thus facilitate dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders, with a view to consensus decision-making.

Our Platform Smart City Explorer allows to have a transversal vision of the city. Very open to its ecosystem, it is endowed with advanced visualization, analysis and simulation capabilities which allow the virtual integration of urban projects or new infrastructures, and their impact assessment.

“Unloading” data and business lines is essential, in order to serve a variety of user profiles (designers, engineers, operators, supervisors, decision-makers, communicators and citizens). Relying on a unique data repository, supplemented by a set of urban indicators, available from the platform, makes it possible to carry out an inventory of the territory, in time and space, and to assess the impact of urban development policies or new services, to objectify them, and finally to enhance the territory.


Siradel responds to concrete business needs

Our solution allows, for example, communities to diagnose the connectivity of their territory (cellular network coverage, WiFi, white zones, exposure to electromagnetic waves, etc.) and to calculate the benefit of the deployment of new networks (Internet of Things, very high speed WiFi , future 5G…).

It is also possible to produce the solar cadastre and to allow decision-makers and citizens to assess, on a building or territory scale, the electricity production capacity linked to the deployment of photovoltaic panels. A final example concerns the inventory of territorial heritage (buildings, urban furniture, road networks, etc.).

We also enable our private sector clients to meet multiple needs: inventory and collection of cartographic data, simulation of the impact of renovating public lighting networks (energy savings, lighting atmosphere), or buildings (performance energy, CO2 emissions), design of wireless communication networks or cameras, etc.