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OHRIZON, creator of augmented reality solutions.

Since 2013, OHRIZON has been creating augmented reality solutions for:

  • Tourism and cultural entertainment
  • Training and decision support

Using its platform which combines games, data and augmented reality, OHRIZON offers effective solutions that put emotion at the service of the transfer of knowledge.

The augmented reality experience development platform offers endless possibilities to the issues encountered by each sector:

  • CULTURE : to entertain, inform and engage the public of museums, heritage sites and cultural places active in the cultural world by creating enhanced tours for visioguides, tablets and mobile applications.
  • TOURISM : for territories (metropolitan areas, regions, countries) which wish to offer their visitors a powerful and adaptable tool for creating personalized historical, thematic and cultural routes; another way to experience the history of a territory!
  • COMPANY TRAINING : companies facing high turnover need an efficient and rapid training solution that involves staff while optimizing their time.
  • DIAGNOSTIC : companies in the industrial sector and the building sector must apply increasingly demanding standards. Their application and the traceability of follow-up becomes an issue where the automation of tasks is made possible thanks to augmented reality glasses and data analysis.
  • KINSEYE, the do-it-yourself cardboard augmented reality glasses offer a simple and effective solution for entertaining and learning at the same time.