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LTU Tech is a Visual Intelligence agency, based in France, which develops one of the most robust visual recognition algorithms on the market, intended for mobile use.

This technology is integrated into applications, web-apps, or chatbots (Messenger, WeChat, Slack, etc.) that the LTU Tech team creates for its clients.

LTU Tech makes its algorithm available to customers from various sectors, to respond to issues such as gaming, education for augmented textbooks, connected packaging to improve the purchasing journey, or to create reassuring experiences, immersive, and entertaining such as Augmented Reality, etc.

The LTU Tech team supports its clients throughout the project, from the definition of UX routes to the production of technical features.

The two brands OnPrint and MyPack also make up the agency.

  • OnPrint, specialized in visual recognition applied to connected publishing (books, catalogs, etc.)
  • Mypack, specializing in the recognition of cosmetic and food products, to optimize the duty of transparency towards consumers.

Our first customers: Danone, Orange, Puig, Clarins, L'Oréal, Belin, Albin Michel, Les Éditions Hachette, IdealWine ...