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Cartes Bancaires CB: a major European player in the card payments industry

Created in 1984 to ensure a universal and interoperable card payment and withdrawal system in France, the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires "CB" is a non-profit organization acting as the governing body of the CB system.

CB now has around 120 members of banks, payment institutions and payment service providers.


The CB system is today one of the most important card payment systems in Europe (2nd) and in the world (5th).


With more than 66 million cards, 57 vending machines, 000 million merchants and more than 1,4 billion transactions in 12, including 2017 billion carried out without contact, the CB system allows the realization of 1,2% to 20% of all card transactions in Europe, representing almost € 30 billion.

CB is responsible for the general architecture of the system, the definition of interbank rules, risk management and the fight against fraud. CB also defines technical and safety benchmarks and ensures that manufacturers and suppliers whose products and services are used in the CB system comply with them through an approval process.

CB pursues an active research and development policy in order to consolidate its innovation policy. In this context, CB supports the initiatives of its members to test innovative solutions and engages in collaborative projects.