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First community of local agents in the world, Snooze connects travelers with local professional agents to jointly design 100% personalized trips anchored in the heart of local cultures.

Snooze is a French startup created in 2009 by Éric La Bonnardière and Yvan Wibaux, two engineers, two backpackers, two entrepreneurs for whom travel is above all a question of meetings, based on people.

Real game changer in the tourism sector, Evaneos offers a new way of imagining, preparing and living a personalized trip.

The key: a live dialogue with a sharp selection of local agencies

From conception to realization, Evaneos humanizes the trip. The startup offers curious travelers, open to the world and eager for experiences, to discover themselves while traveling the world.

The objective: benefit from the advice and expertise of the local agent and create his trip with him for a totally unique and authentic experience.

To date, more than 300 travelers have already chosen to design and co-construct their trip with a carefully selected local agent and member of the Evaneos community.

Today with 180 employees in France and a selection of 1300 local partner agencies, Evaneos covers 160 destinations.

Pioneer of this model, Evaneos is available in several European countries: Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland.