Poly3D School - Tech4Islands | French Tech Polynesia

Immerse yourself in the world of Poly3D! Production studio, 3D animation, video game development, immersive VR experiences… All in one space: the Poly3D school studios.

Come and step into our studios dedicated to 2D / 3D animation and video game development. Our partners and students will be happy to share their passion and their achievement with you.

All divided into 3 universes:

The UBISOFT VR universe

Poly3D school is fortunate to be able to count on an extended network in the video game and animation industries, to support it in its development.

On the occasion of the Digital Festival Tahiti, Ubisoft will show you its latest productions in virtual reality and will have you test its latest games.


The HAPPY TIKIS universe

First independent studio in Polynesia, HAPPY TIKIS and its entire team will test their first productions.

You can follow the progress of their 100% local games live.


The POLY3D EXPO universe

Virtual tours, AR applications, mobile games, PC games, graphic productions and 3D models ...

Poly3D exhibits all the productions made by its students, since its opening.