Algora School - Tech4Islands | French Tech Polynesia

Learn to code while having fun!

A fun and concrete education

Children program and make robots move. The examples discussed are taken from the everyday environment (smart cars, robot vacuums, industrial arms) and nature (making a centipede, a 6-legged spider, a 4-legged dog, a 2-legged humanoid) .

Each course at Algora School consists of 2 sessions of 90 minutes: one lesson followed by a mission.

Read, write, count… and program!

Computer science has become a fundamental subject, necessary for the understanding of all the other sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology ...

Preparing the jobs of tomorrow

The world changes. The jobs of tomorrow are not those of today and require understanding the fundamentals of programming.

A cultural and civic objective

Digital objects, programmed machines, tablets, Facebook, Google… surround us. Faced with these objects, our children cannot be simple passive consumers, they must understand in order to master them and be able to transform their world.

Develop the capacities of each child

The abilities developed by programming, intelligence, critical thinking, creativity are useful for all life.