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Digital Tahiti is the new commercial entity born from the evolution of digitally oriented services within the Copy R group.

The historical activity of the Copy R group linked to reprography, copy and printing services have naturally led to interest in new technologies for data management and storage, as well as advice, design and production. '' tools for business process automation, and analytics to improve productivity.

Representative and partner of major players worldwide, both in terms of equipment, software and IT solutions, Digital Tahiti relies on Polynesian skills to provide a local service more suited to the specificities of our territory.


Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

GCE offers a complete solution for the entire document management lifecycle. We are exclusive representatives of the Laserfiche solution. We were the pioneers in the disappearance of paper in companies and administrations.

Laserfiche is professional software for managing documents, videos, photos and all types of content. Our innovative content management platform will allow your business to do away with the storage of physical documents and optimize its operating costs.

Document Management

Organize all of your business information to quickly make better operational decisions.


Control all your paper, digital and mobile content using cutting-edge Laserfiche tools

Task management

Manage your strategic processes and forget about spreadsheets, emails and other tedious tasks.


Discover a new user experience without paper forms or manual permissions.

Records Management

Establish guidelines for organizing your documents and ensuring compliance and business continuity for your business.


Protect confidential content, meet compliance, and improve case integrity with secure document management.

Reports and analyzes

Identify flaws and take advantage of hidden opportunities to optimize your operations.

Integration of your GCE

Centralize your operations by integrating your digital content into all your applications.