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Dagoma, the French startup specializing in 3D printing accessible to all.

Dagoma was created following the meeting of two engineers, Gauthier Vignon and Matthieu Régnier, in Shanghai in 2014, around a folding bicycle project which led them to discover 3D printing.

Our Philosophy: Every day for 3 years, we have taken up a challenge.

Driven by the challenges of the coming century, we are reinventing a production method that has been around for several decades, that of industry.

We are convinced that we have to change our way of consuming and producing. It is together, step by step, that we will build the sustainable, solid and fair alternative that we need.

And all of this we do together, in Roubaix! We have never been as optimistic as today about the future of Made In Local.

Today, more than 40 people, 450 3D printers, print 3D printers and work day after day to change the world.