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Augmenteo is a creative studio that develops virtual and innovative animations.

Our first product is Hacking, a solution that allows you to create connected treasure hunts and digital escape games thanks to augmented reality and the Internet of Things, on a web platform, without any technical knowledge.

The participants in the animation download a free application that allows them to look for clues, tags that will trigger interactions like augmented reality or proximity notifications.


Democratize and simplify access to augmented reality

Our goal is to democratize and simplify access to these cutting-edge technologies for content creators (event agencies, museums, tourist sites, etc.) to create memorable, personalized experiences, quickly and easily, for their customers and visitors. .

Example of use case: fun seminar, 2.0 training, innovative team building, escape games, integration and job interview for new employees, cultural and fun tourist route, seasonal urban events (treasure hunt, Easter egg hunt, etc.).